Fire in Your Belly?
We know the feeling.

Calling all Girl Shaped Flames

Becoming a Girl Shaped Flame opens up a raft of opportunities to develop your CONFIDENCE, along with a clearer understanding of yourself and THE WORLD AROUND YOU, by connecting you with extraordinary female role models at the top of their fields through a variety of EVENTS and EXPERIENCES.

Our Extraordinary Women come to us from a variety of industries and backgrounds, but all share in the values and attributes that make them outstanding role models: determination, grit, talent, commitment, passion and resilience. Their paths have been challenging and their achievements impressive, which makes their insight and life lessons rich and invaluable.

If you’re a Brisbane-based girl in high school (Grades 7-12), become a Girl Shaped Flame and start building your skills, exploring a wide range of industries and connecting with other girls who are also discovering their interests, strengths and passions.

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