Fire in Your Belly?
We know the feeling.

Calling all Girl Shaped Flames

Looking for something to fan the fire inside? Seeking out challenges, dynamic experiences and opportunities outside of your regular school subjects? Then welcome to FUEL. We’re connecting teen girls in highschool (Years 7-12) with Extraordinary Women at the top of their fields and providing development opportunities through a variety of formats including: Q&A talks, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, round tables and camps. Think of it as our #gameplan to #skillup the next generation of Aussie girls.

Our Extraordinary Women come to us from a variety of industries and backgrounds, but all share in the values and attributes that make them outstanding role models: determination, grit, talent, commitment, passion and resilience. Their paths have been challenging and their achievements impressive, which makes their insight and life lessons rich and invaluable.

By facilitating events that bring these women and teen girls together, we can create a much needed opportunity for you to develop life-skills such as: goal-setting, leadership, business acumen, creative problem solving, confidence and more.