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The 4 Key Fears Standing Between Your Daughter and Confidence

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In today’s complex landscape it’s more important than ever that we pro-actively help girls build their self-worth, confidence and resilience to lead lives that excite them and that they can be proud of.~ Tanya Meessmann

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Inspirational, a wonderful opportunity to help young teenage girls grow into awesome young ladies in this crazy, social media-fuelled world.
Jodie Watson, Parent

Youth Expert Tanya Meessmann and Neuroscientist and Adolescent Counsellor Dr Diane Harner will show you how to:

✅ Understand the 4 key fears standing between your daughter and confidence
✅ Use neuroscience to better predict your daughter’s emotional response to different fears
✅ Adjust your messaging and approach to more effectively support her when she’s holding back
✅ Build a stronger communication bridge and form a richer bond between you both!