We take girl power to the next level.

Firing up teen-girl confidence and developing the strongest and most resilient generation of young women Australia has ever seen.

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At Girl Shaped Flames we believe every girl has a fire in her belly – and confidence is the oxygen to her flames!  Hear from founder, communication expert, speaker and youth mentor Tanya Meessmann about why confidence, courage and self-belief is key to your daughter reaching her full potential.


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Unbelievable program - my daughter comes home after every GSF event brimming with confidence, chatting about her new ideas and staying in touch with the other girls she got to meet. Girl Shaped Flames has taken her confidence to the next level.
Kassandra, Parent

Confidence, communication and resilience courses to support both parents and daughters navigating an increasingly challenging landscape during the teenage years.


In Girl Shaped Flames’ premiere web series, watch as Ky Furneaux—Hollywood stunt artist, survival expert, and our resident badass — travels around Australia on a mission to meet with girls all on their own personal journey to turn their spark into a flame. Watch along as she meets with a swimmer with her eye on the Olympics, a budding singer paralysed by anxiety, and a young entrepreneur living with Autism to learn about each of their inspirational stories.

Build your daughter's confidence through experiences and events, such as our Company Excursions, GSF.Academy half-day intensive workshops and highly sought-after annual Camp Courage.

You learn life lessons. You meet new people. Make awesome friends. Time to find your passion. Reflect on who you are and where you want to go. The camp made me feel empowered and strong. I can have control over my life.
Mya, Grade 9


The Raising Girl Shaped Flames facebook group is a private space moderated by GSF Founder, Tanya Meessmann, for parents of tween & teen girls to discuss challenges relating to their daughter’s confidence, courage and resilience.