Month: December 2017

2017 Recap – 13 events | 250 participants | So much Fire!!

With a happy sigh and a smile we put together the following short recap of what was on offer, and now look to 2018 with even MORE fire in our bellies!  Roundtables! All Day Workshop Series Events! Launch of our FUELme Mentoring Program! It’s all happening and it’s going to be awesome.

CQUniversity Sponsors with Stephanie Rice and FUEL's Founder

Thank You CQUniversity Australia

Over the past few months, FUEL has been partnering with CQUniversity Australia to bring you our Feed The Beast Talks at Brisbane Powerhouse. They have been eagerly supporting our innovative way of engaging and educating young women through first-hand learning informed by real-world experience, and they too believe in the importance of providing teen girls with the skills they need to make a difference in our society and change the world!

Rhiannon Bannenberg Feed The Beast Recap

After a busy morning with a number of Strike Workshops earlier in the day, Rhiannon Bannenberg was ready to be put on the stage and under the spotlight for her Feed The Beast Talk at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Rhiannon Bannenberg – Workshops Galore!

Earlier in December, Director, Composer, Cinematographer and all-round awesome chick, Rhiannon Bannenberg was in Brisbane for a series of FUEL activities. Her time here was short, but it covered everything from One-On-One Mentoring to Strike Workshops, PLUS a Feed The Beast Talk (Sheesh!).

Neha Ramesh

Neha Ramesh caught our eye earlier this year when she presented at the UN Youth Voice Queensland Grand Final at Parliament House. After three gruelling rounds addressing questions like ‘How can we encourage international collaboration in scientific research?’,

Maja Wilbrink

At first glance, Maja Wilbrink may seem like your normal Year 12 graduate, but upon getting to know her, you soon realise she is nothing short of an exciting mixture of talent and ambition well beyond her years.

Women In Tech

Kicking off 2018, and sure to start with a bang, we hosted our first Fireside Roundtable event featuring five industry experts from the Tech space! With boundless avenues to peruse in this landscape we gave teen girls the opportunity to ask questions and dig deeper into what it really entails to work in tech.