Amy Chan Talks Dealing With Pressure

Stress. Pressure. Panic. We’re taking these three words and unravelling the braids holding them together to differentiate the positive from the negative.

Not sure how to tell the difference between pressure and stress? Read our blog post about how to bring yourself back from the brink of overwhelm when pressure floods into stress.

Ultimately, it’s about knowing ourselves and being aware of our strengths and limitations. Do you have triggers for stress? Is there a task or duty you hold dear, that could unravel into stress if it doesn’t go your way? Being able to feel when these negative emotions are coming on, and knowing how to manage them, is a vital skill we’re chatting about in the below GSF Connect video.

We chat to Amy Chan, PhD student in Molecular Biology, about how to tell when negative emotions are creeping in and how to deal with pressure.

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