Tanya Meessmann

Girl Now: International Women’s Day

Whether you know it or not, March 8 is International Women’s Day. On this day, women from all around the world wear purple (the official colour of International Women’s Day) and come together to celebrate the accomplishments of each other. This day is full of building each other up and recognising how far women have come in working to gain equal rights and how they have forged the way for a more gender equal world.

February Events Recap

February’s theme was ‘Tech’ and we had so much fun diving into such an exciting world! We met women who’d never even considered tech as a career path, and others that has been coding at the same time as learning to talk.

Girl Now: Galentine’s Day

For the past 4 years at school I have celebrated Valentine’s Day a little differently. Instead of spending the day thinking about any future partners I may have, I, along with the rest of my school celebrated ‘Galentine’s Day’. This essentially is the same as Valentine’s day except we recognise the amazing girlfriends in our lives.

January Events Recap

January’s theme was ‘Creativity’ and it was explored through meeting women who had forged creative careers, workshopping the girls’ own creative voices and understanding the stories shaping their world, and seeing behind the scenes at a dynamic, modern ad agency that was creating different forms of creative every day.

Testimonial 3

What a fantastic program for young girls, bringing female role models to the forefront and giving access to them so they are able to learn and be inspired!” Josie, Parent

Testimonial 2

I enjoyed it SOOOO much! Thank you loads for this amazing opportunity. I learnt so much and now have 4 mentors to go to for inspiration, motivation and tips. Girl Shaped Flames officially rocks! #itsthebesttobeagirl #girlsrock Lucy, Teen Girl

Testimonial 1

As a mum with a teenage daughter, I was delighted to hear of the valuable programs being offered to school aged girls by FUEL, Girl Shaped Flames.  As an executive leader, I am 100% supportive of programs that will develop young women through practical, hands-on learning and mentoring, particularly in the areas of leadership, communication …

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Girl Now: New Year, Same Me?

January: the first month of the year, the time where everyone is setting their yearly resolutions (that will most likely be broken before the month is up!!), planning for the year ahead but for everyone still in school, it’s our last month of holidays. Throughout January, all over social media (almost anywhere we look), there is promotion of the new person that we become with the start of a new year. Well, I say that even though it’s a new year, can’t I be the same me?

An Interview with Girl Shaped Flames Founder: Tanya Meessmann

My name’s Holly and I am a year 11 (going into year 12) high school student and long-time Girl Shaped Flame. I was curious about the journey that Girl Shaped flames has been on so I sat down with the Founder, Tanya Meessmann, to ask her a few questions and this is what she had to say.

Let’s talk about: Confidence

Eggs on sourdough toast with a side of female empowerment – it was a match made in biz heaven at our FUEL 2019 Industry Ignite Partner Program Breakfast at The Brisbane Club on Tuesday 9 October.