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Girl Now: New Year, Same Me?

January: the first month of the year, the time where everyone is setting their yearly resolutions (that will most likely be broken before the month is up!!), planning for the year ahead but for everyone still in school, it’s our last month of holidays. Throughout January, all over social media (almost anywhere we look), there is promotion of the new person that we become with the start of a new year. Well, I say that even though it’s a new year, can’t I be the same me?

Girl Now: Galentine’s Day

For the past 4 years at school I have celebrated Valentine’s Day a little differently. Instead of spending the day thinking about any future partners I may have, I, along with the rest of my school celebrated ‘Galentine’s Day’. This essentially is the same as Valentine’s day except we recognise the amazing girlfriends in our lives.

Girl Now: International Women’s Day

Whether you know it or not, March 8 is International Women’s Day. On this day, women from all around the world wear purple (the official colour of International Women’s Day) and come together to celebrate the accomplishments of each other. This day is full of building each other up and recognising how far women have come in working to gain equal rights and how they have forged the way for a more gender equal world.

Girl Now: The Power of Sports

I’m going to go straight ahead and put it out there: I love sport. Playing, umpiring, learning and watching it. Although, this is mainly in regards to netball, I absolutely love everything that comes with learning a and training for sports- the setbacks and the successes, the new skills and the memories made along the way.

Girl Now: Mother’s Day

In May, we celebrate mothers. We celebrate all that they do for us, their constant guidance and support and the love that they have for us. This month’s blog is a little different in the sense that it is a ‘thank you’ note from teenager’s to their mothers (or extraordinary motherly figures in their lives).

Girl Now: Keep Your Friends Close

At the time of deciding what I wanted to write this month’s blog about, I had just had an argument (of sorts) with a friend (this was a couple months ago, June Girl Now has been in the works for a while!). Now, neither of us went about the situation in the right way and I know that I was worried about something else on that day but I learnt a very good lesson from it: keep your friends close.

Girl Now: Malala Day

Too often we find ourselves complaining about the pressures and stresses of school, but as Malala Day is tomorrow, it is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the power that education has on our daily lives.

Girl Now: National Science Week

This month, Holly looks at National Science Week and reminds us all of the incredible things that science brings to our daily lives. National Science Week is a time to celebrate people who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields and this month’s Girl.Now blog is a great example of doing exactly that.

Girl Now: Feeling The Heat

Basically, this month at school feels like deciding the rest of your life no matter what grade you’re in.

Girl Now: World Teachers Day

October 5. A day that for many, is just another cross on the calendar. However, as students (on holidays, or not), this day is more than just any other day. October 5 is internationally recognised as World Teachers Day, a day in which we recognise and celebrate the impact that teachers make on our lives.

Girl Now: Live From New York

This month I am posting live from New York City. Crazy, I know. I recently graduated high school and this is my version of ‘schoolies’. However, before graduating, I went through one of the craziest, happiest, saddest and most unbelievable couple of weeks ever. Throughout the week I had a teacher tell me that although it is sad that I should live every moment and make the most of the time I had. Pretty much, they told me that I had to live in the present.

Girl Now: Final Edition

Throughout the last 11 posts in this blog series, I have reminded everyone to live in the present and enjoy every moment. However, this month, I am going to say that every so often it isn’t such a bad thing to look back and acknowledge the past for it only makes us more grateful for things we have in the present. This post is going to look back at the year that was 2019.