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Camp Courage – January 2021

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Camp Courage – January 2021

You've Got This.

Camp Courage is an awesome experience every year, but an unexpected 3-day SE-QLD COVID lockdown put in place less than a week out really highlighted to us how lucky we were to be able to even hold the camp this year, as well as how much the girls needed it. 

33 girls joined Girl Shaped Flames for a 3-day experience of a lifetime. They arrived nervous, skeptical, most of them not knowing another soul that was also attending, and anxious to be leaving their comfort zones.

But just 3 days later the girls that waved goodbye to Jacaranda House were forever changed. Stronger in spirit, clearer in their minds, fuller hearts and each and every one of them more courageous. 

The camp is designed to provide a safe an encouraging space to get out of their comfort zone, ‘figure themselves out’ and make new and powerful connections with other girls around their age. Many of them commented that they were surprised at how quickly new bonds formed, and how much fun they were able to have in this new place (and sleeping in real TENTS as well!) 

The activities themselves ranged from outdoor hikes to self-reflection exercises, team work during the Courage Olympics, confidence brainstorms, stunt and juggling workshops, karaoke, meditation and much more. 

The girls always provide the best insights about their experiences, so here are just a few of their testimonials from the final day:

"At first I was nervous but with a little bit of help from Camp Leaders I met some amazing people and I would be so excited to see what the next day brought me. Thank you all!"

"Attending Camp Courage made me feel ready and prepared for anything. Like my entire life I've been scared to light the fire in my, but here I was given a match and inspired to light it!"

"Camp impacted me a LOT. I've learnt that I don't have to be shy all the time. The camp leaders helped the 'old me' come back ❤️'

"I've never felt so inspired. I feel like I could face the world and nothing could stop me."

"I went into camp so nervous and I finally have the confidence to believe in myself and achieve my dreams."

"Camp definitely positively impacted my mental health. attending was so freeing from the day to day life. It was so inspiring."

"I have had the privledge of being immersed in a new environment surrounded by incredible women. I have left this camp more confident of myself and my abilities."

"It's a beautiful beginning to spread your wings and fly for your dreams. It is also brilliant for dealing with disappointment and hurdles in your life. It isn't often where you can be honestly grateful for the people you have met in your lifetime. However you 3 (Tanya, Ky, Laura) are so beautiful and loving and truly selfless in helping others strive for their goals."

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