Imagine raising your daughter with confidence, intuition and courage.


Imagine raising your daughter with confidence, intuition and courage.​


It’s a fear every parent shares: what am I doing now that will affect the person my daughter grows into?

Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much?

I wonder what other parents are doing?

Am I doing the wrong thing and I don’t even know? Is this the right time to let her fail? Am I being too strict?

How do I help her become strong, confident and resilient so she can navigate a dynamic and challenging world, while still protecting her and keeping her safe from harm, disappointment and sadness?

If any of this rings true for you, you’re in the right place.

COURAGEOUS PARENTING is a transformative 8-week interactive program created by experts who have achieved impactful results for other parents like you. The program teaches the techniques, strategies and tools you need to raise a confident, self-assured daughter.

Upon completion of this program, you’ll:

  • Be empowered to be a great role model for your daughter
  • Feel more educated and validated in your parenting choices
  • Understand how to connect with your daughter
  • Feel less stressed and worried about her wellbeing
  • Be more aware of what she's experiencing day to day, her underlying motivators and concerns
  • Have confidence that you’re doing the best you can to support your daughter


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Adolescence is the second and final period of rapid brain development before your daughter’s brain fully matures in her late 20s. This is a time of “use it or lose it” which means that it’s critical during this time we give our daughters the experiences that will allow her to map the neural pathways that are necessary for resilience, courage, confidence and adaptability.

“Great! Let’s get mapping!” we hear you say. “But… it’s not really as easy as that, because she is so shy and reluctant to try new things, she hardly ever comes out of her room, I feel like everything I say is wrong and I have no idea what she is thinking because I can’t get her to talk to me.”

Which is exactly what we help you navigate in this Courageous Parenting Interactive Program.

But before we get started, let us introduce ourselves…


- Founder of Girl Shaped Flames, Youth Coach, Speaker

Tanya has worked with over 3000 teenage girls, their parents and educators to develop their confidence, resilience and self-belief. Through this work she’s been recognised as a thought-leader in the confidence space and is often found working with full school cohorts and speaking at corporate events on the life-changing effect confidence has on girls.

Tanya has now turned her attention to supporting the many parents who regularly seek her guidance when raising their own Girl Shaped Flames, and sharing her comprehensive understanding of tween and teen girls and how parents can best guide them to reach their full potential.

- Neuroscientist, Adolescent Counsellor

Diane has a PhD in neuroscience and has been applying brain science to decode our thinking and behaviour for the past 15 years as an adolescent counsellor. She has worked with adults and children from all walks of life to empower performance, build resilience and confidence and enhance self-awareness and emotional regulation.

Diane has successfully ushered her first child into adulthood and is now embarking on the journey into adolescence a second time with her 11-year-old daughter.


Parents right in the thick of it: raising 12-17 year old girls who may have lost their confidence over the years and in turn the bond with their parents that is needed to help build it back up again. 


Parents of 8-11 year olds girls who are already starting to see her confidence waver and want to get a jump on things now to pre-empt the common confidence dive that takes place as the girls start high-school.


As you’re no doubt well aware, research shows that between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels fall by 30%.  

Imagine what a 30% drop in confidence would feel like for yourself and your life?  It’s likely you’re already seeing how that 30% difference is affecting your own daughter’s behaviour, decisions and happiness.

So where is this drop coming from?

PHYSICALLY: your daughter is experiencing undeniable changes. You may be witnessing changes to her body that you can physically see, but there are also incredible changes happening in her brain which are contributing to the drop in her self-perception and confidence that you’ve started to notice too.

MENTALLY: she is facing a significant increase in information exposure and processing, as well as a natural instinct to widen her world of influences, developing opinions and new thought patterns. You could be on the receiving end of this, so know that you’re not alone!

STRUCTURALLY: her world is also changing – for girls entering high school at 11 or 12 years old, their comfortable routines and predictable environment are gone and there is a new requirement for independence, increased expectations, mature concepts and often a faster and more pressurised pace of life.

EMOTIONALLY: hormones are fluctuating and you might be seeing that she is becoming much more aware of the opinion of others. Girls develop a heightened sensitivity to perceived threats and find it hard to manage big emotions that can seem to come out of nowhere.

As to be expected, this often coincides with the introduction of SOCIAL MEDIA and the challenges that introduces to her life as well.


Firstly: It might feel as though your little girl doesn’t seem to need you in the same way that she did. Perhaps the fear of losing her starts creeping in, which is significant, because as a parent your instinct is to protect and to nurture. If there are barriers starting to go up, it’s can be terrifying as it reduces how much you can protect her and influence her in a positive way.

Secondly: No one has given you a handbook to navigate raising your daughter in the 21st Century. You’re being challenged to keep developing and evolving your own parental approaches and strategies as your daughter grows and evolves as well. 

This is a landscape that no previous generation of parents has had to navigate before.

Thirdly: You’re simultaneously trying to deal with your own life challenges, understand your own thoughts and opinions on aspects of today’s world such as social media, academic expectations and how to prepare your daughter for the best future she can possibly have, when you don’t even know what that future’s going to look like!

And finally: It’s hard to feel good about yourself as a parent when it feels as though so many of the things that you’re doing are wrong or having no effect or impact. 

If your connection with your daughter seems to be fragile or thinning, it’s easy to feel as though you’re flying blind and it’s hard to catch your breath, or a break.


A way to smooth things out, pre-empt the emotional rollercoaster and jump in to manage it bravely and pro-actively. To connect with your daughter in such a way that you’re the person she comes to when her confidence is dipping and she’s questioning her direction.  To prepare her for life’s ups and downs while protecting what realy matters: her self-worth.



The 8-week interactive program prepares parents to navigate the challenges of raising confident and resilient young women through an innovative framework created by a leading youth expert and neuroscientist specialising in adolescents.


During the key developmental ‘teenage years’ your daughter’s brain is actively mapping out new neural connections that directly affect her ability to regulate emotions, apply reason, ‘bounce back’ from failures and ultimately shape her own version of confidence.

Research shows that there are many factors that affect the way that the teen brain develops including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, socioeconomic status, culture and – importantly – parenting.

As parents, there is no way that we can control ALL of these factors, but the one that we can take complete ownership over is the way that we parent.

As a parent, you have the opportunity to play a critical role in supporting your daughter to grow a healthy, resilient, and adaptable brain through the way you interact with her, the environment you create, the relationships you nurture and the behaviours that you role model.

The teenage years represent the final critical period of brain development that occurs before your daughter’s brain fully matures. It is now more important than even to ensure you are providing her every opportunity to map critical pathways that will ultimately set her, and her brain, up for their best chance at a confident and courageous life.



The Courageous Parenting Interactive Program has been carefully designed by two experts in adolescent confidence development with 3 key outcomes in mind:

In addition to this, the program will help you:

  • Learn ways to boost your daughter’s confidence
  • Help her see herself as unique, talented and beautiful
  • Help sensitive daughters build resilience
  • Understand when to step in and when to let her learn on her own
  • Get her to ‘open up’ to you
  • Be able to identify ‘the right thing’ to say in different situations
  • Navigate defensiveness and push-back
  • Deliver guidance in a way that’s heard and considered

And ultimately you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate those angry, moody moments
  • Understand what’s going on in her head
  • Develop better intuition to know when she’s really not ok
  • Bolster your daughter’s trust
  • Build a stronger connection



The Courageous Parenting Program is 100% online, interactive and commences on the 31st of August 2020 and runs for 8 weeks. Each week parents receive a new module (contents of which are outlined lower on this page) and activities to complete.

Both Tanya and Diane will be interacting with the private FB Group, and dialling in for weekly 1-hour group calls where they will discuss the week's module contents, answer questions and provide bespoke advice.

Step 1: Dive into the video & worksheet coursework​

Each module is made up of a series of 5-20 minute videos, short activities to apply the learning and a quick quiz to embed your new knowledge.​

Step 2: Receive personal Guidance from both facilitators​

Tanya and Dr Harner will continue to build on the pre-recorded course content through the private FB Group and personalised support in weekly 1-hour interactive calls.​

Step 3: Connect with other Courageous Parents​

Connect with other parents raising confident daughters and learn from their experiences, share your wins and support each other's growth.​


As you make your way through the Courageous Parenting program, you will not only be supported by both Tanya and Diane through weekly group calls, but also by other parents within the intimate,  exclusive and confidential Courageous Parenting Facebook Group who are navigating their daughter’s tween and teenage years.  

And never fear: If you miss a weekly call you’ll have access ot the full replay and Tanya and Diane will both be in the Facebook Group daily answering queries and providing additional information outside of the formal modules. 



The program goes beyond quick-win tips and tricks to build your daughter's confidence, instead diving deep into your own parenting decisions and style, what drives your daughter's internal monologue and how to bring both in line to forge a stronger and more supportive bond.


Courageous parenting starts with you. Your own childhood influences have shaped how you parent, decisions you make and belief systems that drive your instincts. We look at reactive Vs perceptive parenting and help you develop a comprehensive understanding of your own triggers and blocks.


Every girl is unique – individual among her friends and (surprisingly!) not just a younger version of you. To truly be able to raise her to be confident, resilient and empowered, it’s critical to understand her as the person she is today including her fears, motivations, values and influences.


All strong and effective bonds are based upon good communication. Your daughter relies upon that bond to provide her with safety and security which in turn builds her confidence and self-belief. Navigating communication with young girls is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting! 


Confidence is different for everyone: what makes you feel confident, how you express it and why it is important to you are unique and personal. It’s important for you to understand your own perspective on confidence and allow your daughter the space to develop hers.


The challenges that your daughter is navigating are more complicated than just “school”, “friendships” or “body issues”. She’s in a phase of her life where expectations are high, senses are heightened and life is unpredictable, creating many fears across failure, the unknown, judgement and rejection.


Now it’s time to translate what you have learned so far into simple and practical activities, tools and strategies that your daughter can engage in to incrementally grow her confidence with you by her side.


And now it’s your turn! What you do next is going to have a significant impact. We will help you to understand the role that you play as your daughter develops her confidence, a role that is supportive and encouraging yet not coercive or overwhelming, and is ultimately the embodiment of courageous parenting.



“I don’t have time”

The Courageous Parenting Interactive Program takes less than 2 hours a week to complete and is divided up into bite sized chunks so you can learn something in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee.  Additional interaction with the course facilitators and other participants is completely optional. Chances are, if you add up the minutes you spend each week worrying about your daughter, trying to connect with her and navigating tricky teen-girl waters you’ll find 2 hours pretty quickly!

“It’s probably not going to work with MY daughter”

Every parent, daughter and relationship is different, with unique influencing factors and histories. This comprehensive program has been specifically designed to teach you critical fundamentals that are designed to be applicable to a wide range of situations including early fractures in her confidence, or your relationship, through to more extensive issues around anxiety and constant arguments.

Whilst your daughter and your life are unique, there are many challenges we all share and there is power and comfort in learning from each other.

“That’s quite a financial investment”

To provide some perspective, Tanya and Dr Harner’s combined hourly rate sits in excess of $500/hour.  The online content alone provides over 10 hours of pre-recorded coaching, and in addition to this, both will be available for weekly 1-hour group calls and daily FB Group interactions across the 8-week program. Together, the online content, interactive sessions, worksheets and bonus content delivers over $12,000 in value for each individual completing the course.

“Is my daughter too young?

It’s never too early to start!  Studies show that girls’ confidence can start deteriorating from as young as 8 years old, so the work you put in now prepares her to face the challenges that will come with the introduction of high school. 

That said, we’d suggest that the course is most relevant for parents raising children 8 years old and above.  For younger children we recommend continuing to offer play and co-regulation strategies to help them grow.

“Is my daughter too old?”

The strategies taught throughout the program can be applied during any stage of life, however our greatest opportunity to support them is when they are still at home and we can role model behaviours and provide the environment for growth.

“Can’t I just google this?”

There is a LOT of fantastic parenting information out there. But, like most, you’ve no doubt felt that wall of overwhelm when you head down the ‘how do I build my daughter’s confidence’ rabbit hole.

To save you time and frustration we have curated the best and most relevant information to support you and your daughter as you navigate the teen years. We have reflected on our own parenting experience and drawn on the experience of our parenting network, spoken to thousands of tween and teen girls to hear their challenges and then combined this knowledge to bring you what you need in simple practical tools and strategies that you can implement immediately.

This is not just about consuming content: this is about reflection, sharing and understanding yourself and your daughter to become the best versions of yourselves.

Invest in the development of your courageous parenting skills to know that you are doing the best you can to support your daughter now, and setting yourselves on the right course for years to come.


  • 24/7 access to full set of eight comprehensive program modules (valued at $3000)
  • Eight weekly 1 hr group coaching calls led by both Tanya and Dr Harner (valued at $4200)
  • Daily digital interactions for 8 weeks with Tanya and Dr Harner within the private FB Group (valued at $5500)
  • Lifetime access to 20+ videos, worksheets and lesson summaries (valued at $2200)
  • Access to recordings of all weekly coaching calls (valued at $800)
  • Private Courageous Parenting community that you remain a part of long after you complete the course (valued at $50/mth for duration of membership)
  • BONUS: 12 month access to the Girl Shaped Flames Connection Kit (valued at $145)



Yes!  The entire course is delivered online, with live weekly video calls and exclusive Facebook group support.

Approximately 2 hours of study per week is required to watch all of the training videos, complete the readings and do the worksheets. You’re welcome to commit additional time to interaction with the facilitators and other participants within the Facebook group.

No.  The group coaching calls will be recorded in case you can’t attend them live.

No, this program is for parents only. You will be provided with activities and suggestions to undertake with your daughter in your own time. 

Module 1 will be released on Monday 31st August, 2020.  Every week a new module will be released for 8 weeks. Week 8 is dedicated to implementation and reflection.

Yes! We have a 30 Day Refund policy, which means you can do the first 2 modules and if you find that this is not what you signed up for and you can prove you’ve done all the work, we’ll gladly refund your money, less a $150 administration fee.  In order to receive a refund, you will need to submit proof of completing the work and your worksheets within this 30 day period for our assessment.  Once this 30 day period has passed, there will be no refunds issued.  The 30 Day period begins when Module 1 is released, so even if you start making payments in advanced with one of our extended payment plans, you will still be able to receive a full refund, minus the AUD$150 administration fee, up to 30 days into the course content.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question in the FAQs above or on this page, please email us directly on