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EPISODE 17. The Parent’s War on Confidence Enemies

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Season 2 is here and we’re diving straight in with a short episode about a concept I’ve been mulling on recently. In this episode, I discuss an analogy of a parent’s war on confidence enemies, and how we train ourselves and our daughters to fight them!

I’d like to preface this quick episode with the following: in this episode I’m going to talk about war, however it is through a conceptual analogy and in no way meant to downplay the impact live and deadly wars are having on millions of people around the world right now, especially the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

Speaking with a parent recently, we discussed the litany of ways that her daughter’s confidence is being compromised right now. And I mused that it feels like a fight. The parent’s fight. No wait, the parent’s war. A defensive war against threats to your daughter’s confidence, where the enemy is social media, volatile and toxic friendships, unrealistic body imagery, the media, academic pressures, perfectionism and judgment.

I’m always keen to hear thoughts on my bold analogies, and this one has been a bit of a doozie! So drop me a line at [email protected] or via the Girl Shaped Flames Facebook page on whether this one resonates, and whether you feel you’re winning the war in your household.

If you’re a parent, aunt, grandparent, educator or just anyone who cares about the confidence and self-worth of a tween or teen girl in their life, then go ahead and HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON as we’re going to be not only diving into a lot of juicy topics this season, but also listening in on some of the live coaching sessions Dr Diane Harner and I ran with parents of tweens and teens last year as part of our The Confident Daughter program.

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