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EPISODE 8. Confidence + Creativity with Rachael Sarra

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In this week’s episode we look at the the relationship between CONFIDENCE and CREATIVITY. 

Now as a creative person, myself, it’s actually been really powerful to reflect on the idea that confidence might actually have an impact on something that’s perceived to be quite innate or natural within certain people and personalities. 

This week’s discussion with my special guest, Racheal Sarra – an indigenous artist from Goreng Goreng Country,  dives into exactly these things, as she opens up about her own confidence and creativity, and how powerfully the two actually work together. We covered:

  • Her personal relationship with confidence through high-school until now
  • What she believes is the relationship between confidence and creativity
  • The role her culture has played in shaping her creative expression
  • Situations (or people) who affect her confidence and creativity
  • The role her family has played in supporting her creative journey
  • Advice she would give parents nurturing a creative daughter in their family
  • How professional experience has actually helped her find the right zone in which she now combines her emotionally charged creativity with running a really successful business.

I’m super-excited to announce that Dr Diane Harner is BACK with a cracking 9 Minutes of Neuroscience.  We dive into pretty much as many things as you actually can within nine minutes, but specifically this week, Diane takes us through:

  • Busting the left brain, right brain myth
  • The three key neurological networks that play a role in creativity (I bet you didn’t know there were three!)
  • The impact stress, or even just reduced confidence can actually have on the creative brain function
  • And what teenagers ultimately need in order to foster increased creativity (I’ll give you a hint: daydreaming is allowed and boredom is encouraged!)

During this episode I also mention our new Courageous Parenting Interactive Program – hit the button below to find our more.

About Rachael Sarra:

Rachael is an extraordinary indigenous artist and designer whose creative style is feminine, fun and engaging, and strongly drawn from her heritage and her role as an Aboriginal woman in a modern world.  For anyone familiar with her work it’s immediately apparent that her work is an extension of her being emotions and experiences as a contemporary Aboriginal artists from Goreng Goreng Country.

Rachel uses art as a powerful tool in storytelling to educate and share Aboriginal culture and its evolution, and it often challenges and explores the themes of society’s perceptions of what Aboriginal art and identity actually is.

Follower her on Instagram here.

See and purchase her incredible work here.

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