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EPISODE 9. Confidence & Commitment with Jacqui Bell

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In this week’s episode we look at the the relationship between CONFIDENCE and COMMITMENT. 

It’s easy to think that an ultra marathon runner is going to be some kind of “alternative human being”, who’s unflappable, focused on an invisible horizon that we ‘regular people’ can’t actually see!  But speaking with Jacqui in this episode was exactly as I had hoped.  It revealed that an athlete of her ability and stamina ultimately holds everything that they need within themselves in order to reach the incredible heights (and in her case distances) that they want to. Specifically I wanted to speak to Jacqui about the topic of commitment.

In this week’s discussion with my special guest, Jacqui Bell – a 25-year-old ultra marathon runner and motivational speaker, we covered:

  • Her attitude towards ‘commitment’ in high school
  • The key role her parents played in helping her see the importance of commitment to reach her goals
  • What compelled her to become the Youngest Person in the world to run an ultra marathon on all 7 continents!
  • Her relationship between confidence and commitment
  • Advice for parents of teenage girls who want to help them build resilience, confidence and ‘staying power’

Stick around to the end to hear from Dr Diane Harner who is BACK with another ‘9 Minutes of Neuroscience’. In this episode we look at the difference between commitment and discipline (hint – it’s to do with the choices we make with our own intentions).  We touch on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, as well as how parents can help their daughters identify when to ’stick something out’ and when to move on.

During this episode I also mention our new Courageous Parenting Interactive Program – hit the button below to find our more.

About Jacqui Bell

Jacqui is a 25 year old ultra runner from Brisbane, Australia. 

Coming from a tennis background and working as a personal trainer since the age of 16 Jacqui always kept fairly fit. At 19 Jacqui signed up to her first 50km Race, not even knowing this counted as an Ultra Marathon at the time, she placed 3rd and was on a high for a week. From here Jacqui entered a number of other events sporadically over the years for fun and to give herself some goals.

Then in 2017 when Jacqui was at rock bottom after battling with a number of health issues that were affecting her physically and mentally. This is when she set herself the goal of running 250km’s across The Simpson Desert in Australia – The Big Red Run. Jacqui had 8 months to build up her fitness… the starting point being about 30km’s a week. Jacqui got researching on all things Ultra Marathons and that is when she discovered Racing the Planet’s 4 Deserts… next thing she knew she decided to go not just one bigger but 4 times bigger… forget the Simpson Desert, hello to one of the toughest enAn Ultra-marathon runner.

In 2018 Jacqui went on to become the Youngest Female in The World to conquer Racing the Planets x4 Desert Grand Slam running 250km’s self supported across the scorching Namibian Desert, Gobi Desert, Atacama Desert and the blizzards of Antarctica. This was just the start for the young gun as Jacqui has now become the Youngest Person in the world to run an ultra marathon on all 7 continents. 

Today you will find Jacqui competing globally in Ultra marathons and striving to see what she  is really capable of in this sport. Outside of running she is also a professional speaker on a mission to inspire, educate and activate a deeper sense of purpose in tomorrow’s leaders enabling a deeper awareness around the power of choice, what it really means to show up and commit, and what it takes to strive for a higher potential regardless of the opportunities. After all we can choose to rebel, but use that rebellion to propel you into a better future.

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