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EPISODE 1. A Personal Journey Through Confidence, Courage and Self-Belief

In the first ‘official’ episode of Raising Girl Shaped Flames, founder Tanya Meessmann takes listeners on the personal journey she experienced and how key aspects of her youth set the foundation for confidence, courage and self-belief to grow.  This journey would be what led her to start Girl Shaped Flames, a social enterprise dedicated to developing the strongest, most confident and empowered generation of girls the world has ever seen.

[1:40]   An Amazing Life, filled with wins, adventures and high fives.

[6:00]   Or was it? A deeper dive into what went wrong along the way…

[12:00]  Why Tanya shares this story with the teenage girls that she works with.

[13:00]  Three key aspects of Tanya’s youth that contributed to her confidence

[16:00]  How Tanya’s parents and role models shaped her self-belief.

[24:04]  The beginning of Girl Shaped Flames

[25:30]  9 Minutes of Neuroscience with Dr Diane Harner

[34:40]  Conclusion

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