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EPISODE 2. Confidence + Resilience in Teen Girls, with Michelle Mitchell


… the relationship between CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE, and particularly how it pertains to teenage girls. We have a fantastic special guest, Michelle Mitchell – Educator, Author, & Speaker, and during the chat that I had with her, we touch on:

  • The concept of resilience as ‘adaptability’ versus ‘bouncing back’

  • How confidence helps girls take small steps to increase their resilience

  • And the important role that communication plays in maintaining connections with your daughter and building her resilience.

Straight afterwards, Dr Diane Harner is taking us through the science behind resilience and what goes on in the teen girl brain as she’s developing both her resilience and her confidence in our ‘9 Minutes of Neuroscience’. So stick around until the end for that!


Michelle has generously offered all listeners of the episode 10% off her Everyday Resilience Video Series & Journey – use code RGSFPODCAST at



I’m a big believer in learning through application and a key purpose behind this podcast and our Raising Girl Shaped Flames Facebook Group is providing ways for you to apply the knowledge that we’re sharing across both. So I’ve just put together a very brief resource that looks at five ways that your daughter can be building her resilience right now.

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