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EPISODE 6. Confidence + Social Media for Teen Girls, with Dr Kristy Goodwin

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In this episode of Raising Girl Shaped Flames we’re deep-diving into the relationship between confidence and social media for teenage girls, and I can’t stress enough how comprehensive and informative the discussion I had with Dr Kristy Goodwin was for this episode!

In this discussion we look at SO MUCH – but the highlights certainly were: 

//  How Kristy developed from a shy introvert to an award-winning public speaker
//  The amplification of confidence challenges for girls in the current online landscape
//  Social media’s negative impact on sleep
//  Why consuming social media at night prevents logical emotional processing
//  Humans are hard-wired to imitate, increasing importance of positive content
//  Zip-lock bags to take phones into the shower due to inability to disconnect
//  A key design principle that is increasing social media addiction
//  Opportunity Cost: What are our girls sacrificing in order to be (and stay) connected
//  Kristy’s ‘3 B’s’ to guide parents through this tricky landscape with their daughters

(I was not kidding about how much we got through!)


Also 2 important resources I mention in the episode:

#1: Girl Shaped Flames Connection Kit

(And you can also download our FREE “10 Strategies to Successfully Navigate Conversations With Your Daughter” resource here.)

#2: Dr Kristy Goodwin’s Switched On Parents Portal

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Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and performance experts, and a mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!  Kristy draws on cutting-edge neuroscience and research to explain the profound impacts technology has on our performance and health and is on a mission to empower people to foster healthy and realistic digital behaviours.

Kristy worked as an educator before becoming an academic and speaker, and has worked with clients including Apple, Westfield, Bank of Queensland, and NSW Department of Education. 

She’s spoken at national and international conferences, schools, workplaces and medical conferences throughout Australia and as a researcher, author, speaker and media commentator, she provides science-backed solutions to optimise wellbeing and productivity in a digital world. 

Read the Transcript:

Transcript will be available shortly. 

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