Finding a Part-Time Job

If you’re so poor you can’t even pay attention, chances are you’re trying to find an after-school job. Learning to take control of your finances is an important part of growing up, but there’s so much more to a part-time job than just earning money.

Independence, professional experience, an improved work ethic and time management are all icings on the cake, but what’s the perfect recipe to finding a job in the first place?

1. Looking for jobs

So you’ve decided to dive into the workforce! What now? Write down a list of your interests/skills and see if a job jumps out at you that connects with your passions or abilities. Love animals? See if the local vet needs a groomer or admin assistant. Sport fanatic? You could ref weekend games at local schools.

Don’t forget about the tried and tested jobs for teens – grocery stores, fast food joints and local cafes. Being interested in a job is important (we don’t want you dreading going to work!) but you should also be open to applying for roles outside of your interests to earn that shiny pay check.

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of what positions you would be suited for, it’s time to ask the all-knowing Google. Search for “part time jobs in Brisbane”, visit business’ social media pages or try hunting on Seek. September is a great time to start looking for a summer holiday job, as this is when retailers start hiring for the busy Christmas period.

Finally, do any of your friends have a job? Ask them if their work is hiring!

2. Applying for jobs

You’ve got a list of potential opportunities and you’re full of enthusiasm – it’s time to apply!

First things first, you’ll need a résumé. We’ll show you how to make a killer CV in this blog post.

Now it’s time to get this baby out into the world! You can apply for jobs directly on Seek, or try résumé dropping at your local cafes or fast food joints – just ask for the manager, stand up tall, smile and say something along the lines of “Hi, I’m [your name!] and I’d love the opportunity to work for you! Here’s my résumé.”

You might think you’re done for the day after applying for the first job you find but think again. We recommend applying for a number of different roles, as you might not get a call from every place you reach out to.

3. Interviewing for jobs

You’ve done a résumé drop and you’ve been called in for an interview – congratulations! Simply getting an interview is something to be proud of – it means your résumé is up to scratch, and you make a great first impression.

Before the interview, do some research about the company, and have prepared some answers about why you would love to work there. When choosing what to wear, pick something that is modest and professional, but still shows off your personality – think bright pink shoes paired with a blazer!

When you’re in the interview, the most important part is to smile! Just think of it as having a chat. You’re there to get to know the employer and figure out if you would make a great fit for their company. Take the pressure off yourself and think of each interview as a chance to practice. Speak clearly and confidently, breathe deeply so you don’t sound puffed and out of breath, and if they ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, it’s totally fine to say “sorry I’m not sure how to answer that one”!

There you have it – our top tips to finding your first part-time job. It’s as easy as being yourself, having confidence in your abilities and taking every opportunity that comes to you!

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