There is no substitute for experience


These. Are. Intense.  A full day of activities focussed around a theme and connecting teen Girl Shaped Flames with a raft of Extraordinary Women.  The day opens with a Keynote Address from FUEL Founder, Tanya Meessmann, followed by a short Feed The Beast Q&A during which we open the floor to questions from the audience.


Then network with women from the selected industry and round off the day with a number of interactive workshops focused on skill development that will prepare you to kick goals when you hit the workforce. Throw in a delicious lunch and your own take-home FUEL Workshop Kit and it’s a day to end all workshop days!


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Our corner-stone event format, these 90 minute sessions give you direct access to some of the most exciting movers and shakers in their industries.  We kick off with a deep-dive into the challenges, wins and revelations that our guest has experienced throughout their journey, before opening up to the audience to ask their pressing questions: How do you deal with failure? What has been your proudest moment? How do you achieve balance in your life?


Participants walk away from these experiences floored by the honesty offered by our guests in the hot-seat, with real insight into what their lives are like and what they’ve learnt along the way.  Feed The Beast Q&As are perfect for a school setting as well, so if you’d like to see one of our Extraordinary Women at your school, get in touch today!


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Got your eye on an industry and want the insider scoop? What it’s REALLY like? How to prepare for it? What to study? How to get work experience? How to apply for a job? What’s going to be expected of you and where could it lead?


Our Extraordinary Women are on hand to dish out all of the good stuff and more in this exciting and dynamic way of meeting people.  Traditionally 5 women, 5 tables, 5 girls per table. After a brief introduction to our EW’s you’re off with 15 minutes to ask all of your burning questions before the buzzer goes and you’re off to the next table.  By the end of the session you’ve had invaluable face-time with 5 different women and leave with a bagful of super-useful information.


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FUEL Founder Tanya Meessmann is incredibly passionate about the importance that key skills such as Time Management, Communication, Networking and Creative Problem Solving play in life, regardless of area of interest or level of experience.


Through this suite of Sunday #Skillup workshops, Tanya draws on her 16 years of experiences as a communication professional working in high-pressure, large and complex jobs and environments across 3 industries and 4 countries to teach you what she’s learn on the job.  Filled with ready-to-apply tips and tricks, advice and interactive activities, use your Sunday to #skillup and take your study, work and relationships to the next level!


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These 4-day getaways are designed to Power Up – not power down!  Get out of town and out of your comfort zone to really explore what it is that makes you tick, while developing key skills and techniques to fire up your life.  


Extraordinary Women from a range of industries visit the camp to work with small groups of girls on areas such as: negotiation skills, public speaking, creative writing, focus, time management, teamwork, and more.  But it’s not all work and no play, with fun activities peppered throughout including nature walks, movie night and live music entertainment.


A Tap.In Camp will leave you feeling many things: exhausted, excited, motivated, focused and inspired, but critically you will leave with a greater sense of yourself and what you’re really capable of.


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