FUEL is in The Sunday Mail

Here at FUEL we already know it’s important for young girls to #skillup outside of the normal curriculum, but it still comes as such a boost of encouragement to see media outlets keen to spread the word as well.

Recently, FUEL was covered in The Sunday Mail, highlighting the benefits (and importance) that our external programs offer in the long term. Within the article, University of Queensland’s Gender Equality Researcher, Terry Fitzsimmons agrees that while, “Reading, writing and arithmetic are really important, it’s the social skills and the resilience, and the ability to learn and understand process that really get you ahead”. Furthermore, the article highlights our Extraordinary Woman, Ky Furneaux showing girls that strong women can chase any career and kill it – event male dominated ones!

It’s about understanding leadership and building resilience and confidence… Mentoring is absolutely critical for progression. – Terry Fitzsimmons 

“This is about getting down to the core of equipping girls with these skills and attributes, and making them stronger and smarter and better equipped to go out there and address equality on a very tangible level”. – Tanya Meessmann, Founder of FUEL.


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