Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Results

We’re excited to announce our FUELme Mentoring Program is ready to go! We’ve been inundated with a wide range of Extraordinary Women ready to get to work with you – choose either a single 75 min session, or a 10-week program (4 sessions). 

Open to teen girls in high school (Years 7-12) this is a structured one-on-one mentoring program that connects the girls with FUEL’s Extraordinary Women (AKA: FUEL Gurus) to work together over the course of a set period of time.


Know where you want to go but not sure how to get there?

Motivation feeling flat or lost? Not reaching your full potential?

Need clarity around a challenge you’re facing?

Would real-world information help you make a decision?

Worried about your focus?

Have a new responsibility within school/sport/work and need guidance on nailing it?

Have an entrepreneurial idea you’d like advice on?

How about an anchor to hold you accountable to achieve your goals?

You know how it works: if there’s a ‘YES’ in there then the FUELme Mentoring Program is for you.


  • Tanya Meessmann
    Tanya Meessmann Founder | FUEL & Film Producer
    B Business Communication
  • Vered (Rose) Netzer
    Vered (Rose) Netzer Tech Strategy & Delivery Consultant
    BA Behavioural Sciences
  • Ky Furneaux
    Ky Furneaux Hollywood Stunt Artist, Survival Expert, Author
  • Georgia Henry
    Georgia Henry Director of Brisbane Women’s Club
    Bachelor of Business
  • Michelle Bradshaw
    Michelle Bradshaw Manager Emergency Planning and Response, Energy QLD
    Dip. Project Management
    Masters of Organisational Leadership
  • Rhiannon Bannenberg
    Rhiannon Bannenberg Film Director, Composer, Cinematographer
    Bachelor of Music
    Master of Music
  • Laura Gervais
    Laura Gervais Recruitment Consultant Leader
    Digital Guru
  • Courtney Crawford
    Courtney Crawford Financial Planner
    B Economics, International Banking & Finance
    Diploma Financial Planning
  • Candice Michelle Goodwin
    Candice Michelle Goodwin Scientist, Producer & Writer
    BSc Biotechnology & Microbiology
    MSc in Molecular & Cell Biology
    PHD Chemical Engineering
  • Faith Rees
    Faith Rees CEO of SixPivot & Cloud Ctrl
    BA Social Science, Psychology
    Diploma Communication


Learn how to understand and break down a challenge, and develop steps to address it

Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and how to navigate them

Build confidence in your own ability and capacity to achieve your goals

Develop bravery to try new things and push your boundaries

Maintain motivation and focus

Gain access to valuable knowledge and experience outside of your usual advisory network (parents/teachers/friends)

Stay motivated and committed knowing you have guidance and support to hand

Expand the selection of tools you’ll take with you, no matter your path!


The FUELme Program has been designed to offer structure to an explorative mentoring experience. We use the term ‘explorative’ to reassure you that you don’t need to come into a mentoring arrangement with exact clarity around why you’re there and what you want to achieve. Often that’s actually the point of the first session – to dig around and get to the bottom of exactly what it is you want support to move forward with.

As for many of you this will be your first time working with a mentor, the sessions have had some structure applied to them so you can maximize your time with your FUEL Guru.

Session 1

Session #1: Icebreaker & Challenge Setting

90 minute face-to-face (pending feasibility) or video/phone call

During this session you’ll take some time to get to know your FUEL Guru, and them you. Together you’ll dive into what you’d like to get out of the program, particularly any specific challenges, projects or skill areas you’d like to focus on. In the last part of the session you’ll identify some goals and map out steps you’ll be challenged to take to make your way toward those goals over the course of the program.

After the Icebreaker, a ‘Building the Fire’ plan will be generated that you can share with your parents so they can help you stay on track in between sessions.


>> A new school leader intent on developing their public speaking skills, both in delivery and preparation of materials. Develop a plan to practice both writing and speaking, as well as identifying ways to practice delivery.

>> A senior student interested in a career in science. Gain comprehensive understanding of the industries available, pathways to get to them and networking opportunities. Work with your FUEL Guru to map out an approach to land fantastic opportunities.

>> Any student with an important large project or assignment that requires focus, dedication and is at risk of losing motivation or momentum. Use your mentors guidance and experience to keep you on track, challenge your thinking and in doing so enrich your final delivery.

Session 2

Session #2: Checking your bearings

40 minute video/phone call

Scheduled 3 weeks later, this session is designed to be a ‘check in’ point – an opportunity to seek further guidance, reflect on progress, adjust goals or steps where necessary and address any new challenges that may have arisen.

Session 3

Session #3: Pushing further

40 minute video/phone call

Depending on your progress, this is an opportunity to either repeat the exercises from Session 2, or if all is tracking well, take the opportunity to explore ways to push your goals even further.

Session 4

Session #4: Wrap up and the Road Ahead

60 minute face-to-face (pending feasibility) or video/phone call

During this final session you’ll revisit the points raised in your original Icebreaker session and look at:

  • What went right?
  • What did you learn about yourself, and about your challenges?
  • How did you find the process of working with a mentor to reach your potential?
  • What behaviours/habits/skills will you continue with?

At this point in time the mentoring relationship may come to a natural end, with goals reached and clarity gained. However mentoring is the development of an ongoing relationship, and by this point you will have in place a connection and bond based on mutual understanding and respect with your FUEL Guru.

Casual FUELme sessions:

If you’re  keen to continue working with your FUEL Guru after the conclusion of the 10-week program, you can book into 75 min casual sessions with them at a time that’s convenient for both of you.

Alternatively, you might be unsure as to whether mentoring is right for you, or you may have a very straightforward situation and you’re after a quick injection of advice, reassurance or confirmation. A single session is a great way to either test the waters or nip a challenge in the bud.


They’re ready to get started with you! Places are limited with the FUEL Guru’s each month, so if you have an issue you’re keen to address then register your place today. If you have questions at all, Tanya (FUEL Founder) is more than happy to have a chat before any mentoring sessions. Contact her at [email protected]

FUELme Mentoring Single 75 min Session

$120 (incl. GST)

(Only open to teen girls in high school – Years 7-12)

FUELme Mentoring 10-week Program

Introductory Offer $345 (incl. GST)

(Only open to teen girls in high school – Years 7-12)