Take Five: 5 Best Apps For Taking A Breather

Résumé, CV, curriculum vitae … While they may sound like spells you’d find in a Harry Potter book, these words all mean basically the same thing – they’re your ticket to nabbing a job!

Exam looming? How to use pressure to your advantage

// GUEST POST BY TEEN GIRL TALIA, YR 9, BRISBANE. “EXAMS. We hate that word.  Although nothing can quite beat the feeling of completing one. That little rush of adrenaline that allows you to write the final sentence and complete the final fraction. Adrenaline can be used to our advantage … and so can pressure.”

What to do when everyone around you is stressing out

// GUEST POST BY TEEN GIRL TALIA, YR 9, BRISBANE. “Stress is contagious. I think that’s probably a fact. If everyone around you is stressed, you begin to realise the things in your life that maybe you should be worrying about.”

Laura Gervais Talks Stress & Pressure

// GUEST POST BY EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN LAURA GERVAIS, DIGITAL RECRUITMENT MANAGER & WORLD TRAVELLER Someone once told me that stress kicks in when your brain realises that your to do list is much greater than your capacity to complete it all. Either you simply don’t have enough time, or you just don’t know how. For [...]

Amy Chan Talks Dealing With Pressure

VIDEO POST: We chat to Amy Chan, PhD student in Molecular Biology, about how to tell when negative emotions are creeping in and how to deal with pressure.

When pressure turns into stress, and what to do about it

It’s a creeper in the night and a thief of sleep. It’s a wave of emotion leaving cold sweats and a pounding heartbeat in its wake. It’s the tightness in your chest and the uncontrollable shakes taking over your body.

Serene McCormack

Serene is the previous Editor at The Inkdrop – a student led print & online publication for Brisbane State High School. When asked about how it all started, Serene recalls hearing about the mysterious publication when she was in year 8, but unfortunately it stopped after only its 4th issue.

Kim Sutton

For Gold Coast Hospital Foundation CEO Kim Sutton, determination and a drive to succeed has lead her around the world and back home to Australia again.

Micol Carmignani

From the moment you speak to Micol Carmignani you just know you have found someone special. This multilingual student immediately caught our attention with her outstanding ice skater achievements and big dreams to change the world.

Trinity Bush

Trinity is not only a 13-year old with a heart of gold, but she is also a go-getter who has delved into starting her own business, Boha Tribe.

Neha Ramesh

Neha Ramesh caught our eye earlier this year when she presented at the UN Youth Voice Queensland Grand Final at Parliament House. After three gruelling rounds addressing questions like ‘How can we encourage international collaboration in scientific research?’,

Maja Wilbrink

At first glance, Maja Wilbrink may seem like your normal Year 12 graduate, but upon getting to know her, you soon realise she is nothing short of an exciting mixture of talent and ambition well beyond her years.

Women In Tech

Kicking off 2018, and sure to start with a bang, we hosted our first Fireside Roundtable event featuring five industry experts from the Tech space! With boundless avenues to peruse in this landscape we gave teen girls the opportunity to ask questions and dig deeper into what it really entails to work in tech.

Samantha Hammond

One of Queensland Academies’ newest graduates, Samantha Hammond, is blazing a trail through the theatrical space as a playwright after receiving a number of recent industry awards. In particular, Samantha spent the better half of Year 11 (last year) perfecting her script, Pi in the Sky, before hitting the road to showcase her work at a number of festivals

Rhiannon Bannenberg: thoughts on having a Plan B and Hollywood’s current climate.

Rhiannon has a career anyone would be proud of – but it’s not what she has done that makes her an inspirational role model for teen girls – it’s how she thinks, works and how responds to any challenge thrown her way.

A Leader Looks Back – Sonia McDonald, LeadershipHQ

We caught up with our next Extraordinary Woman, Sonia McDonald for a quick chat about why leadership skills aren’t necessarily just for leaders. Check it out!

Ky Furneaux: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Awesome.

People are quick to assume that Ky Furneaux’s success comes from the fact that she is a strong woman in a physical industry, but Ky outright REJECTS this attitude. She believes that achieving success (regardless of the industry) takes more internal strength, determination and self-belief than any physical factor.

An honest interview with Kelly Son Hing: Associate Producer on ‘Rip Tide’.

You may not have heard of Kelly Son Hing before, but she is an inspiration to girls everywhere. Kelly (24) is an Executive Assistant and has most recently worked alongside our very own Extraordinary Woman, Rhiannon Bannenberg on the film, ‘Rip Tide’, starring Debbi Ryan.

It’s never too young to start: an honest interview with Maja Wilbrink.

Last week FUEL was lucky enough to sponsor an event hosted by ChangeMakeHer, an organisation aimed at empowering women in typically male-dominated industries. Earlier we heard from the organiser, Maja Wilbrink, who at 17 is nothing short of impressive.

Stephanie Rice: An Interview

Recently, we got the chance to delve deeper into the Extraordinary Woman that is, Stephanie Rice. Her extremely honest and open nature allowed us all to identify with the triple Olympic gold medalist more than we first thought possible. We certainly can’t wait to see her at our Feed The Beast Talk on October 31st, don’t miss out grab your tickets now!

Chyanne Patterson

From birth Chyanne Patterson was handed a challenging position in an image-obsessed world.  Born with a cleft lip and palate, not only did she have to endure a multitude of surgeries (with many more still to come) she has had to do so while suffering through years of bullying both in and out of school.

Jenna Forrester

Jenna Forrester is a 15-year-old prodigy in the pool, taking out no less than nine (9!) gold medals at the recent Australian Age National Championships, and is now headed to the USA to compete in the 2017 FINA World Junior Swimming Championships as the youngest member of the team.

Sophie Ann Moman

Sophie Ann has clocked up a slew of amazing experiences to date: having performed in musicals at QPAC (heard of Annie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!?) as well as reached Blind Auditions on The Voice Kids.