Girl Now: National Science Week

Science! Science! Science!

Know it or not, but at the same time that the Ekka is on at the Brisbane Showgrounds each year, celebrations for the annual National Science Week have well and truly begun. This year National Science Week runs from August 10th to 18th and it is during this time that we recognise and celebrate the achievements of not on students, scientists, but also people like musicians and chefs who work with science and technology on a daily basis. 

Whether you’re a science-y person or not, this week can be celebrated by all because of the numerous ways that science has an impact on our lives!


In terms of living in the now, the advances that have been made in science are these days often overlooked as being scientific advancements. Things like using a smartphone, being able to use E10 fuel (a safer fuel source than petrol), electric and self-driving cars and facial and fingerprint recognition in technology have all become normal in our daily lives, with little thought paid to the research and study it took to create each of these things. 

Throughout National Science Week, take a minute to look at everything around you that wouldn’t be available without the advancements in science and be thankful for how easy life is because of them. 


Just recently, a man told our cohort at school that we, as teenage girls, believe that “just because we’re girls, we can’t do math.” The regret on his face was evident about 10 seconds later, when a grade of girls started telling him just how wrong he was. 

Now this isn’t exactly science related, but math does fall under the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) banner. Throughout all of history there are stories of women overcoming comments similar to this, and worse than this, and if it weren’t for their commitment and dedication to their fields we wouldn’t understand radioactive materials (Marie Curie), or have the first photo of a black hole (Katie Bouman) or have such a deep appreciation and understanding of chimpanzees (Jane Goodall).


National Science week is an opportunity to celebrate everything that has been achieved in STEM fields. This is one week in which we can give thanks for everything around us that is a result of science. For this week, we have the opportunity to look around us and dream of what the future can hold in terms of science, and especially thinking about the potential that science holds for the future.


Enjoy National Science week and everything science offers us in our lives, it provides more for us than we could ever imagine.