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GIRL ON FIRE: Episode 3 – Summer


GIRL ON FIRE: Episode 3 – Summer

Girl On Fire - Episode 2 - 'Summer'

About Summer

Summer is an extraordinary eleven year old from Bundaberg with a unique creative flair and entrepreneurial spirit. Since she was a little girl, Summer has been inventing ways for people in her community to feel happy and included. From making superhero capes for whoever may need to feel like they have powers for the day, organising community book swaps and share boxes, and sharing her personal artwork, Summer is driven by making others feel accepted with a playful sense of fun. Summer’s projects and daily acts of kindness are inspired by the exclusion she has experienced over the years. Living with autism, Summer has encountered bullying and rejection from others who are unaccepting of difference, but she doesn’t allow that to stop her from following her passion of caring for others.

Now, Summer is hard at work on her next project: chickens! Having received her first chicken at just eighteen months old, Summer has been around chickens her whole life and learned what they can teach about how people interact. Summer’s therapeutic chicken program helps people feel loved and valued.

About Ky Furneaux

Ky Furneaux is an internationally recognised Hollywood stunt artist, motivational speaker, author, and survival expert. Her wide-spanning career has seen her working on stunts for films such as The Avengers, Thor, and X-Men 3. Often referred to as ‘the female Bear Grylls’, Ky is no stranger to getting through life’s challenges with little more than what she carries in her head and her heart: self-motivation, belief in her abilities, and the persistent refusal to give up on herself and her goals.

Now, Ky is on a mission to meet and speak with girls from around Australia; girls who are following their passions, who are fanning the flames within them and getting right back up again when the spark goes out. 

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