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GIRL ON FIRE: Episode 4- Lucy (Pt 2)


GIRL ON FIRE: Episode 4- Lucy (Pt 2)

Girl on Fire - Episode 4 - 'Lucy (Part 2)'

About Lucy

At just fourteen, Lucy has dreams to work in the music industry and the talent to get her there. She has been taking singing lessons since she was eight years old, and now excels in classroom music projects. While Lucy is gifted with a beautiful singing voice, she struggles with nerves and stage fright. Her anxiety keeps her from sharing her gift and threatens to extinguish her spark.

Through mentoring with Ky Furneaux, Lucy sets the goal to face her fears and sing in front of an audience. Lucy demonstrates the importance of building a strong support system and developing mental health strategies to cope with life’s challenges, allowing her to explore her talents and reach her full potential.

About Ky Furneaux

Ky Furneaux is an internationally recognised Hollywood stunt artist, motivational speaker, author, and survival expert. Her wide-spanning career has seen her working on stunts for films such as The Avengers, Thor, and X-Men 3. Often referred to as ‘the female Bear Grylls’, Ky is no stranger to getting through life’s challenges with little more than what she carries in her head and her heart: self-motivation, belief in her abilities, and the persistent refusal to give up on herself and her goals.

Now, Ky is on a mission to meet and speak with girls from around Australia; girls who are following their passions, who are fanning the flames within them and getting right back up again when the spark goes out.

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