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Help your daughter unlock her full potential!

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Help your daughter build her confidence and resilience using insights and guidance from Extraordinary Women.
Reduce her fears by arming her with the tools she needs to overcome stress and pressure and reach her full potential.
Strengthen your relationship by engaging her in healthy conversations and debate via the weekly discussion points.

"This content is so unique. I love having a great tool to help me teach Katie life skills she can keep and use for her lifetime!"

Yvette, Parent



GenZ is experiencing one of the most pressurised childhoods to date. As one of the most connected generations, they’re also facing being the loneliest and most stressed. Being a teenage girl certainly has its challenges, and with that comes your role of navigating their world whilst wearing many hats as their parent, mentor, friend and role model. It often feels like we need to have all the answers…

How do we best guide our teenage girls to move forward from failure?
Is there a healthy way to help them achieve balance?
What happens when the stress and pressure gets all too much?

Parents, we hear you and we're here to help!

We’ve worked with over 2500 teen girls, parents and educators and found that by connecting them with strong, experienced, female role models we can reduce their fears, build their confidence, and arm them with a game plan to reach their full potential.


Our rich online resource of Extraordinary Women are here to share their advice, tips and strategies to deal with stress and overwhelm, learnt from working in the ‘real world’. Learn from these women and work with your daughter to enrich her approach to her daily life.



Carefully curated library
of 120+ resourceful videos that features mentoring advice and guidance from 12 Extraordinary Women.

10 x weekly discussion topics on motivation & persistence, confidence & self belief,
balance and more.

Downloadable accountability plan
to set down the foundations
for an amazing year ahead.


“Daunted by an increasingly competitive employment market, it is empowering as a young woman to be guided into my career by enterprises like Girl Shaped Flames. Thank you for the time and tips and for fanning my fire!”
Lara, Teen Girl
“What a fantastic program for young girls, bringing female role models to the forefront and giving access to these role models so they are able to learn and be inspired!”
Josie, Parent
"Hearing from these women was so empowering and gave me ways to be more confident and to achieve my goals.”
Isabella, Teen Girl
"These are so amazing! I’m learning new skills and hearing from such inspiring people and enjoying learning more about myself as a person.”
Tara, Teen Girl


Q. How long do we have to complete the course?


A. The course is designed to be completed over a 10 week period, however we understand life can get busy, and therefore you and your daughter can take a self-paced learning approach. Access to the course is available for 6 months from the date of purchase, allowing you to revisit at your leisure.


Q. What type of topics are covered in the course?


A. There are a range of topics from our Extraordinary Women including: Passion, Stress, Failure, Plan B, Regret, Motivation & Persistence, Confidence & Self Belief, Balance, Positive Effects of Experience and Life Mottos.


Q. How is the course delivered?


A. Over the 10 weeks, you will receive a weekly topic write-up email with discussion points for you and your daughter, along with carefully curated videos to access via the GSF.Connect members only portal.


Q. How many videos are available in the course?


A. We have over 120 mentoring videos in the portal, each video is delivered in 2 minute bite-size sections relating to a specific topic.


Q. Which age group is the course best suited to?


A. The content of the course is suitable for teenage girls in years 7-12, however it is not limited to this group and could be useful for young women studying in University, or starting their careers.


Q. What industries do these Extraordinary Women come from?


A. Our mentors come from a diverse range of industries including: Financial Planning, Communications Expert, Hollywood Stunt Artist, Film Director, School Principal, Molecular Biologist, Digital Recruitment Manager and CEO’s to name a few.

Ready to help your daughter move forward using real world insights and guidance from Extraordinary Women?