We take girl power to the next level.

Building the next generation of confident women by supporting teen girls through their confidence development journey.

Confidence isn’t about volume or performance or popularity. It’s about knowing who you are and what you want and what you’re capable of. We’re here to help you build this self-belief and arm you with all you need to forge an amazing life in (what can sometimes feel like) a challenging world.

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Camp Courage

Camp Courage is a unique 3-day residential experience just outside of Brisbane, QLD that provides teen girls in Grades 8-12 the tools to build their own sense of self, confidence, and opinions – and leave with life-long friendships and the increased courage and skills to succeed in school, relationship, work and life.

Stronger Than You Know

Take your confidence to the next level with our Stronger Than You Know online short course.

✅ Have a clearer understanding of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses
✅ Know clear ways you can develop your own confidence and self-belief
✅ Implement the strategies into your every-day life

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Girl Shaped Flames has helped me build my belief in myself and give me the tools to reach my full potential. I've made a whole new group of friends on Camp and am forever grateful for that!
Sara, teen girl