Fan Your Flames At Monthly Meetups

Monthly Meetups  

You are the reflection of the people you surround yourself with, so we want to surround you with the most vibrant girls and women we can find who share that fire-in-your-belly feeling!

Monthly Meetups are reserved for official Girl Shaped Flames and provide the perfect opportunity to form bonds with other girls with fire in their bellies, while building critical life skills through interacting with our Extraordinary Women across a range of industries, from pilots and engineers, to artists and athletes, and everything in between. In our catch ups, we’ll celebrate each other’s wins and share exciting resources. From running confidence exercises, to developing soft skills such as creative problem solving techniques, building communication and teamwork, we’ll arm you against the world. Got a problem? We’ll help you solve it. Stuck finding your passion? We’ll put out the search warrant. Need a boost in confidence? We’ve got the tools to build you up like never before.


Some quick MM facts:

  • The meetups take place in Brisbane only a this stage
  • The third week of every month
  • Run for 90 mins, 4:30pm – 6pm
  • Connect with 2-4 Extraordinary Women at each meetup
  • Each month has a theme (e.g. Creativity, Tech, Entrepreneurship etc)
  • Only open to offical Girl Shaped Flames!