August: Creative Problem Solving Workshop and Monthly Meet-up


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Date: Sunday 18th August

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Level 2, The Precinct, Fortitude Valley

Open to: Girls in Grades 7-12

August’s Monthly Meetup Special Guests are Dr Anu Choudary from CSIRO, and Sara Webb an Astrophysicist. Our #Skillup Workshop is on “Creative Problem Solving” and our Guest Workshop Leader is Sandra Davey from Queensland Academies.

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Build a Bionic Hand!
The human hand is pretty amazing. You can do things such as pick up a pencil, use a video game controller or climb a jungle gym without giving it much thought. The human hand has five fingers, each with multiple joints. These joints are controlled by muscles and tendons—the muscles pull on the tendons, which pull on the joints and make them bend. The human hand has so many different joints, which makes it very flexible and versatile and easily adaptable to a wide variety of different tasks.
The Challenge
Your team has been employed by a medical bionics company. You are required to design fingers for a bionic hand that will give independence back to patients who have lost a hand through injury or illness. Your device must be able to grab different objects and drop them into a container that’s at least 50cm away.


Special Guest: Dr Anu Choudhary

Dr Anu Choudhary is the 2019 Queensland Women in STEM People’s Choice Award winner! Anu is a molecular biologist in the CSIRO Brisbane lab. Growing up in Delhi, Anu complete an Honours in Microbiology, then a Masters in Genetics, and then moved to Australia to start a PHD in Genomics and Molecular Biology at The University of Queensland in 2015 all before going into animal vaccines. Anu is currently researching ground-breaking ways to weed out… weeds, without having to use herbicides. So in trying to make weeds less… weedy, Anu is using gene-editing technology to save Queensland $600 million in costs and lost food that could feed 3 million people.

When Anu is not silencing genes, she’s sharing stories about science and the wonderful world of STEM. She has run science workshops for kids at low socio-economic schools in regional Australia, she started the Pint of Science events in Canberra, and she’s especially proud to be an ambassador for women and girls in STEM. For Anu, her inspiration and motivation has come from her Mother, whose passion for science runs in her genes… literally!


Special Guest: Sara Webb

‘My name is Sara Webb and i’m an Astrophysicist. It’s is a pretty cool title but all it means is i’m a physicist, with my days spent behind a computer writing computer code to reduce large amounts of data from the worlds largest telescopes. I am currently completing my Doctorate of Philosophy, exploring the rarest, fastest and most elusive explosions in the Universe using some of the worlds most sensitive telescopes. My path from high school to here wasn’t something I ever expected or predicted but its been a wonderful journey which has let me travel the world to work on the science I love.’


Workshop Leader: Sandra Davey

Sandy is the perfect leader for our August workshop. Currently the Educational Programs Coordinator at Queensland Academies, Sandy has a rich background in working with gifted high-achieving students. She is a past recipient of the Peter Doherty Award for Excellence in Science Teaching and was the first non-American to be awarded the International Exemplary Science Teaching Innovation Award by the National Science Teachers Association (Anaheim, USA). Bring along your questions, thoughts, and be ready to share as Sandy enjoys an inquiry-based approach to keep things authentic and relevant for students.