Women in Tech Roundtable


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Date: Sunday 24th Feb

Time: 10am – 2pm

Location: Location TBC

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When we think of technology companies, it’s usually the big players who spring to mind. Did you know that Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have a combined worth of over $3.5 trillion and employ thousands of people all over the world?!

BUT it’s not just these industry giants who need tech superstars. Tech plays a role in virtually (excuse the pun!) every company out there. So while that’s super-exciting for those of you who find technology fascinating and inspiring, it’s also a pretty confusing landscape to wrap your head around.

Luckily our February Women in Tech Roundtable gives you access to 4 incredibly inspirational ladies who each work in dynamic tech roles across a variety of industries, and have experience both here and overseas.

– Get the real down-low on coding, whether you need it and where it could take you

– Find out tips and tricks to prepare for (and land!) an awesome job using your tech skills

– Gain insight into the ’start-up’ space and why 99% of them appear to be tech-based

– And discover what it’s like to run your very own tech company – the highs, lows and exciting possibilities

After hearing each woman’s journey story, we’ll dive straight into the Speed Networking Roundtable – where in small groups you’ll rotate spending approx 20 mins with each Extraordinary Women, on hand to answer your burning questions.

Emily de la Pena

Emily is not only a Queensland Community Digital Champion, she’s also head of her own company “Coding Kids”, a computer club where kids create their own computer games, animations and digital art. This boss lady teaches kids (and even their teachers) how to use computer programming languages including Scratch, Python, HTML and CSS. Pretty cool, huh?!



Stephanie Leahy

Steph is living proof that skills in technology can give you a lifestyle that is both rewarding and fun. Having spent nearly a year travelling the world – living her dream as a digital recruiter (she’s lived in Asia, Africa, Europe & South America!), this smart cookie uses tech to find, attract and hire the best talent out there!