Rhiannon Bannenberg Feed The Beast Recap


Rhiannon Bannenberg Feed The Beast Recap

After a busy morning with a number of Strike Workshops earlier in the day, Rhiannon Bannenberg was ready to be put on the stage and under the spotlight for her Feed The Beast Talk at Brisbane Powerhouse.

After introducing the audience to trailers of Rhiannon’s films, Ambrosia and Riptide on the big screen, she quickly dived into a series of questions about the film industry and what it was like to pursue a creative career. Like all Feed The Beast Talks, Rhiannon’s answers were compelling and insightful, but since she was being interviewed by Tanya Meessmann, who is not only the Founder of FUEL but also the Producer of Rhiannon’s latest film, there was an extra layer of comfort for Rhiannon – allowing an even deeper level of vulnerability and honesty in her answers. Of course, this benefit didn’t go unnoticed by the audience as a sea of nodding heads (parents) and intrigued faces (teens) remained hooked the entire time.

When the interview portion of the night came to a close, and the microphone was turned over to the audience, a number of hands flew up, ready to ask their important questions: How do you get noticed in the film industry? What sort of setbacks can you expect? How do you deal with these? The girls couldn’t get enough. As always, the 45-minute Q&A section seemed to fly by and unfortunately the segment had to come to a close. But like all determined teenagers, this didn’t stop the girls from hanging around and probing Rhiannon for more insights and of course a photo op!

All 2017 Feed The Beast Talks are proudly brought to you by our wonderful sponsor: CQUniversity Australia.

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