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Rhiannon Bannenberg – Workshops Galore!

Earlier in December, Director, Composer, Cinematographer and all-round awesome chick, Rhiannon Bannenberg was in Brisbane for a series of FUEL activities. Her time here was short, but it covered everything from One-On-One Mentoring to Strike Workshops, PLUS a Feed The Beast Talk (Sheesh!).

Kicking it all off with a series of Strike Workshops entitled Creative Careers, groups of girls eagerly walked through the door ready to soak up anything any everything they could from the young-near-expert. With many having a passion for pursuing film in one way or another, they were pleasantly surprised to see they had scored a two-for-one bonus as FUEL’s Founder, Tanya Meessmann (a film producer by trade) was also in the room – shelling out tips and advice wherever she could.

“Really, really useful, made me more confident in my future and abilities.” Isy, Workshop Attendee 

Over the course of the workshop the girls broke into groups and participated in breaking down their journeys and challenges, before figuring out what milestones they should set in the future, as they continue to pursue their goals in creative fields. As the activities wrapped up, it was clear to see that not only had these girls started their #gameplan in a real and accountable way, but that they had also forged new networks (and friendships) with likeminded strangers. As they walked back through the door out to the real world – we could definitely see their brains ticking and let us just say – we can’t wait to see these creatives work together in the future!


While in Brisbane, Rhiannon also hosted a number of Intensive Workshops…

As a creative – who has dabbled in multiple avenues – it was really important for Rhiannon to provide a thorough experience for those interested in specific topics such as cinematography and composing for film. As a result, FUEL put together our first intensive workshops, ‘Hone Your Creative Visual Expression’ and ‘Music Composition for Emotional Impact’. Strictly limited to 5 girls each, these workshops took a deeper dive into ideas such as drawing inspiration from external references, as well as how to protect your intellectual property in the age of the internet – a skill Rhiannon personally wishes she knew more about when she was in high school.

After 90 minutes with Rhiannon, the girls did not want to leave, each staying just that little bit longer to milk Rhiannon’s knowledge for all it’s worth. Honestly, we had to interrupt just to get the happy snap below!

All in all, each workshop was a success, helping to guide girls through their creative careers – regardless of their progress so far or their intentions in the future. Once again, thank you for all who attended!

“It’s fascinating to get insights on people’s perspectives on similar pathways and their experiences and advice.” Shalia, Workshop Attendee

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