Seek Answers!

Now gather around…  



As all successful people tell you, asking questions is not only useful it is essential.


Whether you’re looking to finish an assignment with top marks, wanting to improve your sporting skills, or deciding what career direction you want to take – asking questions is the easiest way to sort your thoughts, and progress in the right direction.


Fireside Roundtables take six girls (max per table) and place them across from some of the most impressive professionals out there. With 20 minutes on the clock, they are open to probe, quiz and connect by asking as many questions as they like. What experience should they be gaining? Where can you find the best resources? What’s it actually like in the workforce? How long will it take me to get where I want to go?


When the buzzer goes it’s off, its on to the next professional – ensuring attendees get a well rounded perspective by the time they walk out the door (no doubt inspired and well informed). Fireside Roundtables are categorised by industry and run for approximately two hours in total.


We have all been in a position where the person beside you has said something that triggers your own thought track. When collaborating with likeminded people, discussions dig a little deeper and run a little smoother, making for a richer experience. Conversely, a limit of six girls per table ensures no one is drowned out.