Hitting the ground running

FUEL’s First Workshop

On November 3rd, an eager bunch of girls participated in FUEL’s first workshop: Stress, Your Mind & Your Muscles hosted by Science of Fitness. Decked out in their fitness gear ready to dive in, the girls were introduced to workshop host, Rory, who took them by surprise with his fast facts about why the brain is the most important factor in exercise, and how it can be utilised to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Over the next hour and half Rory then presented physical challenges to the group – equal parts mind and body – during which he asked the girls to step outside their comfort zones, partner up, put theory to practice, and only focus on the task at hand.

After a number of these fun challenges it was agreed: the girls could already feel their stress levels had reduced, their energy had increased and the pressure of exams was no longer on their minds.

The skills behind these workshops may seem simple to those of us to have been in the workforce for a period of time but it is important to remember that the earlier they’re learned, the earlier they can be useful, and help our teenage girls tackle their goals head on.

Psst, while we would love to tell you more about these challenges and Rory’s fast-facts, our next Science of Fitness workshop is coming in January so we don’t want to ruin any surprises! 

Science of Fitness Workshop group.

The workshop group ready to hit the ground running.

The group during their workshop.

Question and reflection time after mind and body challenges.

Participants with their FUEL kits.

The happy participants of our workshop with their Girl Shaped Flame kits.

FUEL provides yuou with a Girl Shaped Flame kit at your first workshop, ensuring you have all the essentials for the experience to come!

Our Next Science of Fitness: Stress Your Mind & Your Muscles Workshop will be hosted on January 19, check out our Event Calendar for more details.

FUEL's Launch event with Stephanie Rice