FUEL's Launch event with Stephanie Rice

Check out our launch event with Stephanie Rice!


On October 31st we kicked off our 2017 events with triple Olympic gold medalist, Stephanie Rice OAM. It was an amazing night with every audience member left buzzing and ready to chase after their own dreams.

It was great to see so many young girls given the opportunity to ask the questions they wanted to know more about and we look forward to bringing you even more events from a number of backgrounds to ensure all young girls are prepared to handle whatever life throws at them.




“Inspirational, a wonderful opportunity to help young teenage girls grow into awesome young ladies in this crazy, social media-fuelled world.” Jodie, Parent

“The people were so friendly and so relatable!! It was really a great experience.” Imogen, Teen Girl

“Thanks SO MUCH for the opportunity to go to the FUEL talk on Tuesday. It was really insightful and inspiring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.” Yvette, Teen Girl

“Super inspiring – great to see this for promoting strong and beautiful women of the future” – Pam, Parent

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it inspired me to work harder and smarter in the future!  Also thank you for inviting me to go! It was the best experience!” Sophie, Teen Girl


Thank you to everyone who attended this event and for CQUniversity Australia coming on board as our Feed The Beast Talk series sponsor.


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