Sunday #skillups


FUEL Founder, Communication Expert and Film Producer


Throughout a 16 year international career spanning across Client Services within large Advertising and Branding Agencies for multinational clients such as MasterCard, Virgin, Nokia, McDonald’s and Peroni, Tanya had picked up a few skills along the way. Add to that a decade of managing extensive creative projects, complex timelines, multimillion dollar budgets, teams of up to 100 people at a time, while traveling and raising a family along the way and you’ve got one (tired!) fired-up Extraordinary Woman! 

Determined to pass on the tried and tested tools, tips and tricks she’s developed throughout her journey (and still uses today when running FUEL) Tanya has developed 4 key workshops that are designed to help you become a networking pro, communicate clearly and effectively, manage your time and think your way around and out of challenges you may face. 

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75 min Workshop

Networking: That word business people use to describe what they’re doing when hanging out in large groups sipping drinks and passing cards around… OR: one of the most critical contributing factors to your success? (Hint: it’s got nothing to do with business cards)

For all the talk of skills needed to succeed in the world of “2018 and beyond,” being able to seek out connections, forge them and most importantly, MAXIMISE them, will make the difference between coasting along and getting ahead. Being confident, comprehensive and comfortable doing these things will take you to a whole other level.

Tanya has been networking in some form since she was 5 years old, and has a world (literally: England, Ireland, Switzerland, USA and France) of experience to share on the topic. Join her for an interactive workshop where she’ll step you through from the beginning:

  • How to figure out which connections are best to pursue
  • The best way to approach them
  • How to communicate what you want/need
  • Staying in touch (and maximising!)


75 min Workshop

This one is Tanya’s sweet spot. Communication is arguably the key to (she wants us to say) everything. And it goes far beyond the words that you use.  This workshop highlights and explores factors that influence how you communicate with different people, in different situations, for a variety of outcomes, including:

  • Listening (Yes, even Tanya struggles with this!)
  • Knowing your audience and their sphere of reference and priorities
  • Body Language
  • Tone and Inflection
  • Word choice
  • Consideration and response


75 min Workshop

The key to getting anything done with as little stress and anxiety as possible is to be able to not only manage, but have control over your time. This isn’t just about school work or jobs, but also managing it so that you have time to spend with your friends, families and catching up on missed Netflix episodes. We’re not kidding when we pitch Tanya as a T.O.P Queen: Time Optimisation through Prioritisation.

Although your brain might spin when you look at what’s being asked of you (especially doing that dreaded Exam time) there are actually some simple steps you can follow to break down your workload, identify priority hierarchies and tackle them step by step – getting through everything with a feeling of control and comfort rather than panic and overwhelm.

Tanya’s experience managing multiple, large, complex communication projects (not to mention multi-location shoots wrangling up to 100 crew and 200 extras in threatening weather conditions and with the clock ticking!) puts her in a solid place to impart her extensive knowledge around time management.



75 min Workshop

This is where things get fun! One of the largest barriers to achieving our goals is, well, barriers!  So what if instead of smacking your head directly into challenges as they arise, you think around them. Or over them. Heck UNDER them if you have to!  After (half-a) lifetime working on projects riddled with problems, difficult situations and seemingly dead ends, Tanya has filled up her life-goodie-bag of strategies to approach barriers and get through them one way or another.

This is an active-participation workshop where we’ll hear from the attendees about challenges they’re currently facing, barriers that stand between them and what they are trying to do, and Tanya will lead the group in dynamic thinking tactics that will get the participant over the barrier and beyond!

Sunday #Skillup Workshops are proudly sponsored and hosted by CQUniversity Australia.