“Inspirational, a wonderful opportunity to help young teenage girls grow into awesome young ladies in this crazy, social media-fuelled world” 

Jodie Watson, Parent

“The people were so friendly and so relatable!! It was really a great experience.”

 Imogen, Teen Girl

“Excellent event last night.  My daughter really liked it, was engaged and remembered so many of Stephanie’s stories afterwards.”

 Ingrid Hennessy, Parent

“An amazing and insightful experience”

Hannah Kenway, Teen Girl

Facebook 5-star Review: “Great initiative! Attended the Stephanie Rice talk last night and it was well structured and inspiring.”

Elaine Benn, Parent

“Fantastic job! Will be spreading the word about Girl Shaped Flames”.

Sam Nguyen, Parent

“Really, really useful, made me more confident in my future and abilities.”

Isy, Teen Girl

“What a fantastic program for young girls, bringing female role models to the forefront and giving access to these role models so they are able to learn and be inspired!”

Josie, Parent

“The workshop was incredible! It was amazing to hear about Rhiannon’s experiences working in the industry and her advice was awesome”

Erin, Teen Girl.

“Thanks SO MUCH for the opportunity to go to the Girl Shaped Flames talk on Tuesday. It was really insightful and inspiring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.” 

Yvette Kelson, Teen Girl

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it inspired me to work harder and smarter in the future!  Also thank you for inviting me to go! It was the best experience!” 

Sophie Watson, Teen Girl

“We had a wonderful evening, loved the set up, the venue, the Q&A, and the whole thought behind Girl Shaped Flames and woman powering! Goodie bags a great treat – Can’t wait for the next one!” 

Penny & Hannah @ Scouts Queensland

“Super inspiring – great to see this for promoting strong and beautiful women of the future”

 Pam Andrews, Parent

“Again, thank you very much. It’s fantastic that events like these are organised.” 

Diana Lopes, Parent

“Thank you so much for doing this, it was so inspiring and thought provoking.”

Ella, Teen Girl

“The Q&A with Rhiannon was really informative and inspiring.”

Shalia, Teen Girl

“It was such an amazing talk that I’m so grateful I got to attend and has left me feeling very inspired for my future!”

Renee, Teen Girl.

“Great night, Sonia sure knows how to Rock it!”

Jen, Parent. 

“Success in life is all about being open and receptive and the Girl Shaped Flames program definitely helps to teach girls how to do this.” 

Bernadette,  Parent.

“Being able to really sit down and talk to everyone at this workshop helped me see that communicating and opening up is a great way to learn and get something out of the workshop. The Q&A was really also inspiring and awesome!”

Liza, Teen Girl

“Thank you for the help with the tickets. My daughter had a great time! We would recommend the seminars to others in the future. CQU received good promotion.  It seems that tonight is part of a series and my daughter plans to go to the other events in the series.” 

Kenneth J Lorme, Lecturer, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences – Central Queensland University

“Really inspirational” 

Jess, Teen Girl. 

“Great insights for confidence and empowerment!” 

Anon, Mentor.

“Awesome experience, amazing woman, and super inspirational!”

Anon, Parent.

“It’s fascinating to get insights on people’s perspectives on similar pathways and their experiences and advice.”

Anon, Teen Girl

“Daunted by an increasingly competitive employment market, it is empowering as a young woman to be guided into my career by enterprises like Girl Shaped Flames. Thank you for the time and tips and for fanning my fire!”

Lara, Teen Girl

“Just brilliant – so topical and inspirational, well done.”

Theresa, Parent

“A really thought provoking and inspiring experience. Would definitely recommend.”

Annika, Teen Girl

“The workshop was really helpful and really helped me understand how these industries work.”

Emma, Teen Girl

I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the Girl Shaped Flames talk. I attended the session hosted by Sonia McDonald. This was a wonderful talk. Sonia is a great public speaker, she was very interactive with the audience, and gave wonderful practical advice which I  was able to immediately implement into my life. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the event. Very much appreciated.

Kirsten Lorme, Teen Girl

Youth Expert Tanya Meessmann and Neuroscientist and Adolescent Counsellor Dr Diane Harner will show you how to:

✅ Understand the 4 key fears standing between your daughter and confidence
✅ Use neuroscience to better predict your daughter’s emotional response to different fears
✅ Adjust your messaging and approach to more effectively support her when she’s holding back
✅ Build a stronger communication bridge and form a richer bond between you both!