We Review: Best Organisational Diaries


There’s no doubt about the importance of planners. In this digital age, there are so many distractions (online shopping anyone?), it can be really hard to hone in on what is truly important to us. Organisational diaries can help focus our priorities and concentrate our attention on tasks that will help us be our most productive selves. However, there are so many planners out there that it can be super hard to choose the one that will best work for you! So, we’ve put together a quick review of a few of our favourite planners to make it a little easier for you to find your most compatible match.

The Bullet Journal

Personally, I own one that my school gave me as our “school journal” as well as the Classic Soft Cover Moleskine Dot Grid in Large.

Price: Dependant on the brand
The once I received from school was free whereas the Moleskine one was $34.95. However, if looking for a cheaper alternative (and your school has a different kind of journal, or none at all) I have seen some at Officeworks called Otto A5 Bullet Journal which were around $13.00 each.

Summary: Almost like a gridded maths book, but the cubes are made from dots rather than lines
If you need a reference, check out the picture (it’s pretty blank).

Best for girls who: Enjoy artistic freedom
If you’re looking to unleash your creative juices, then this is the planner for you! It’s super fun to set up and the lack of structure means you are free to explore and do things entirely your own way.

Avoid if you prefer to: Save time
The lack of prior structure is bliss if you’re searching for creative freedom, but not so great if you’re aiming to organise your day in less than 10 minutes. A weekly spread usually takes me around an hour to complete.

The Erin Condren Academic Planner

Price: They are currently all discounted from around $40 each to $20!  

… But you do have to pay $19.95 shipping from America 🙁 

Summary: It’s a planner made specifically for students

It includes a 12-month undated calendar, detailed pages for projects and exams, lined note pages and inspirational quotes and note pages throughout as well as a bonus sticker sheet!

Best for girls who: Prefer some boundaries to work within

You can still get creative, but you’ve got the guiding hand of your journal to help you remember the important stuff (like, you’ve got a maths test next week as detailed in your ‘exams’ section).

Avoid if you prefer to: Begin planning immediately (assuming you’re based in Australia)

Because it does have to be shipped from America, the journal can take a while to finally reach you and the anticipation is overwhelming (I’m currently going through it)!

Spiral 2019 Diary from Target

Price: $5.99

Summary: A cheaper and more immediate alternative to the Erin Condren Academic Planner!
It has the exact same layout with monthly and weekly overviews, however the projects/exams and notes sections are replaced by a ‘yearly goals’ page at the front.

Best for girls who: Are on a budget but still want to be stylish and organised.
With a super cute design and a very practical layout, you can look great and be on-top of your tasks for only a week’s worth of pocket money (score)!

Avoid if you prefer to: Seek online inspiration
Because this journal is less well known than the other two, there aren’t as many online resources (such as Pinterest images or YouTube videos) with decorative inspiration.

All in all, no matter what your planning style is, there is a journal out there for you. If you have any of these planners, let us know your thoughts about them! Or, if you’d like more information about any of these journals or even a review of another planner altogether – let us know in the comments below!

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