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What is Productivity and Why is it Important?


What is Productivity and Why is it Important?

Productivity is an elusive beast thought to only be tamed by the successful, but in today’s post we’re reshaping how we see productivity.

If you think your work efficiency comes down to how many productivity apps are synced to your phone, think again – productivity is more than time budgeting and diary managing.

Strictly speaking, productivity is the ratio of output to input, meaning the amount of work you put into one task or result. But why do we care about productivity so much?

We’re living in an age where ‘busy-ness’ is rewarded and efficiency runs our lives. We’re focused on driving our machine-like work ethic, where we motor through tasks at lightning speed. But productivity doesn’t always mean working fast. In fact, in today’s post we’re going to redefine productivity to defeat this goal-oriented mindset, to live and work more mindfully.

Where productivity is concerned, it’s not always how much work you produce, but the quality of work. You don’t have to start out perfect, but you do have to start. Here’s why we think being productive is as important as a reliable WiFi connection during the school holidays.

1. It’s putting yourself first

When you’re at your most productive, you are improving all aspects of your life, from intelligence to relationships, your health and creativity too. You’ll focus more on the journey over the destination, checking off the little tasks to reach an ultimate goal. Looking ahead puts your life in perspective and will have you angling your energy in a better and more determined direction.

2. It gives you purpose

We can all agree there is nothing as motivating as a paper-and-pen to do list! Jumping out of bed in the morning with a hard-and-fast goal to achieve will have you completing more in a day than an unmotivated peer would in a week.

3. It improves your mood

Turning your passion into plans and smashing goals will unlock happy hormones in your brain for a job well done. It’s pretty simple – the more you accomplish, the better you feel about yourself!

4. It gives you time

This one’s simple. By procrastinating less and sticking to the task at hand (because you’re motivated by your to do list, remember) you’ll demolish your daily do’s faster, leaving more time for the fun stuff.

There’s no secret hack to finding more hours in your day, but by paying attention to your productivity, you can reshape your week to have a positive outcome and thrive every time.

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