The Parenting Program changing lives for parents of tween and teen daughters.

About Us




Our Courageous Parenting Program is helping parents raise confident daughters around the world.

Our Manifesto

Can you feel it? That flicker? That spark of inspiration inside that tells you: be brave, push a little harder, reach a little higher, demand more.

We here at Girl Shaped Flames know it well, because it burns within each of us and each of the Extraordinary Women we partner with to build the confidence, courage and self-belief of teenage girls.  We bring teen girls (in Grades 7 – 12) coaching and experiences that will challenge how they think, what they strive for, and why they want it.

This is a Game Plan.

An investment in the girls of Australia and the fires that burn in their bellies. We believe that they are strong enough, passionate enough and determined enough to blaze a trail that leaves the world with no choice but to embrace their extraordinary talents and ideas.

But we also believe that in order to do this successfully you need support and opportunities. The development of confidence, courage and self-belief passed on from women who are doing extraordinary things in their fields.

And so, Girl Shaped Flames was born.

We've got the wood. You bring the fire.

We are committed to developing strong girls, who will become strong women and ultimately, without any fear of overstating it: change the world.

I have first-hand experience of two girls (my daughters) who have engaged with Girl Shaped Flames. Over the course of the year I have seen them grow in both confidence and motivation around who they are, and who they can be. They have become forward planning, and are now thinking in terms of limitless possibilities.
Wendy, Parent