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Every girl has a spark inside…

Something that fuels her. Makes her unique. Drives her to follow her passions. But all too often, that spark can be extinguished by a careless word, a lack of support, or just not enough self belief can all put out a girl’s spark.

In Girl Shaped Flames’ premiere web series, watch as Ky Furneaux—Hollywood stunt artist, survival expert, and our resident badass — travels around Australia on a mission to meet with girls all on their own personal journey to turn their spark into a flame. Watch along as she meets with a swimmer with her eye on the Olympics, a budding singer paralysed by anxiety, and a young entrepreneur living with Autism to learn about each of their inspirational journeys.


Ky Furneaux is an internationally recognised Hollywood stunt artist, motivational speaker, author, and survival expert. Her wide-spanning career has seen her working on stunts for films such as The Avengers, Thor, and X-Men 3, where she’s rubbed shoulders (and kicked butts!) with the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman. Often referred to as ‘the female Bear Grylls’, Ky is no stranger to getting through life’s challenges with little more than what she carries in her head and her heart: self-motivation, belief in her abilities, and the persistent refusal to give up on herself and her goals.


Jenna is a super star swimmer for the Australian Junior swim team—and she’s only 15! It’s not just Jenna’s unwavering commitment and hard work that sets her apart (though over 25 hours of pool training a week starting at 5am each day definitely helps!); it’s her enduring attitude, self-motivation, and ability to recover from setbacks that puts her in a league (or lane?) of her own. Watch to see how Jenna recovers from setbacks, and maintains the self-motivation and belief required to achieve her goals.


At just fourteen, Lucy has dreams to work in the music industry and the talent to get her there. She has been taking singing lessons since she was eight years old, and now excels in classroom music projects. However, while Lucy is gifted with a beautiful singing voice, she struggles with nerves and stage fright. Her anxiety keeps her from sharing her gift and threatens to extinguish her spark. In Lucy’s episodes, watch to see how some mentoring from Ky Furneaux and support from the people around her helps her face her fears and build her confidence to share her voice.


Summer is an extraordinary eleven-year-old from Bundaberg with a unique creative flair and entrepreneurial spirit. Being diagnosed with autism at a young age, Summer has dealt with exclusion from others and feelings of isolation. Instead of letting these feelings extinguish her spark, however, she uses them as fuel to pursue her own projects that allow people in her community feel happy and included. From making superhero capes, organising community bookswaps, and sharing her personal artwork, Summer is driven by making others feel accepted with a playful sense of fun. In her most recent pursuit, Summer has created a therapeutic chicken program for people who may experience anxiety, depression, and other mental and social challenges. Watch to see Summer and her feathered friends in action!


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