jenna pool

GIRL ON FIRE: Episode 1 – Jenna

jenna pool

GIRL ON FIRE: Episode 1 – Jenna

About Jenna

Meet Jenna. She’s fifteen, and one of Australia’s rising swimming stars. It’s not just Jenna’s unwavering commitment and hard work that sets her apart (though over 25 hours of pool training a week starting at 5am each day definitely helps!); it’s her enduring attitude, self-motivation, and ability to recover from setbacks that puts her in a league (or lane?) of her own.

Jenna has big dreams, with hopes to one day compete on an international level at the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics. The fuel that could very well get her there? Her ability to turn something that some might take as failure into something that drives her forward, to recognise how hard she’s worked to get there and just keep swimming.

About Ky Furneaux

Ky Furneaux is an internationally recognised Hollywood stunt artist, motivational speaker, author, and survival expert. Her wide-spanning career has seen her working on stunts for films such as The Avengers, Thor, and X-Men 3. Often referred to as ‘the female Bear Grylls’, Ky is no stranger to getting through life’s challenges with little more than what she carries in her head and her heart: self-motivation, belief in her abilities, and the persistent refusal to give up on herself and her goals.

Now, Ky is on a mission to meet and speak with girls from around Australia; girls who are following their passions, who are fanning the flames within them and getting right back up again when the spark goes out.

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