Hot tips to land your driver’s license

There’s nothing like the jingle of car keys, hinting at the unlimited possibilities of having your driver’s license, but it’s a hard slog getting from license-less to fully-fledged autoist. Fuel your freedom and unlock your drive with these tips to land your driver’s license!

You might be in a rush to get your license and hit the road, but let’s pause for a moment to remember driving is a big responsibility. When you’re behind the wheel, you need to keep cool, calm and collected at all times, and never put yourself or anyone else on the road at risk.

We all know you need to get the seemingly impossible 100 hours of driving up your sleeve before you can attempt your driving test, but there’s nothing like the prospect of an exam to get your knees rattling and palms sweaty. Master these common itty-bitty mistakes to ace that test!

Light Up Your Life

Don’t just flick your indicator and drive off into the sunset – you need to signal for at least five seconds before moving from a kerb or leaving a driving space! This is to ensure you’re giving the cars around you plenty of time to give you space.

Spot The Blind Spot

Check your blind spots! Before merging, changing lanes and during manoeuvres, check you’re in the clear with a quick glance over your shoulder. Be comfortable in the car you’ll be taking the test in and know where your blind spots are. You should also peek around before moving off after being stopped at traffic lights.

Stop In The Name Of Good Driving

Quit rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ through those stop signs – you need to come to a complete and total stop before you can cruise through. You can creep forward if your vision is obscured, but only if you have been completely stationary first!

Defeating Doubt

Common mistakes aside, let’s talk about the pre-test jitters. Remember your testing officer is a human too! Taking deep breaths, chatting to your tester and taking your time will all keep your cool behind the wheel. Think of your testing officer as just another passenger. If you do make a mistake out on the road, don’t dwell on it. Put it in the past and focus on the present – you don’t want to accidentally make a bigger mistake in the process!

Simply obey the road rules and drive safely and that license will be yours!

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