Sonia McDonald


CEO of LeadershipHQ


 Qualities that can be found in the Extraordinary Women we identify and connect with FUEL’s Girl Shaped Flames include: tenacity, integrity, drive and an unbridled passion for what they do.  If there’s one woman who demonstrates these in spades, it’s Sonia.  The ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’ may have felt that her direction in life was in some way determined for her after an unfortunate upheaval of her personal situation meant an important re-think of her direction.   But we believe she was already the person she was going to discover: she just needed a path cleared for her ambition.  


Now the CEO of LeadershipHQ and identified as one of Women in Leadership and Management Australia’s Top 250 Female Leaders in the World, Sonia’s number one passion is executive coaching of leadership skills, but through her studies of neuroscience in business she also brings to the table a vast array expertise. With entrepreneurship growing everyday and young women wanting to be their own #girlboss, it’s important they develop strong leadership skills early! We’re pumped to have Sonia on board and know she’s going to Inspire you to ROCK.



See Sonia in action as she gives our audience a taste of her on-stage prowess, and then take advantage of rare intimate access to ask her the secret to her success, the most extraordinary transformation of a leader she’s seen, or what it feels like to have been nominated for Telstra’s Business Women Awards for 4 years.


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Strike Workshops with Sonia McDonald for teenage girls in Brisbane.


When they refer to golden opportunities, this is exactly what they are talking about: exclusive access to a woman charged with the responsibility of training some of Australia’s most impressive leaders.  These workshops promise to be challenging, exciting and choc-a-block full of useful tools to apply to school, jobs and everyday life.