Take Five: 5 Best Apps For Taking A Breather

Résumé, CV, curriculum vitae … While they may sound like spells you’d find in a Harry Potter book, these words all mean basically the same thing – they’re your ticket to nabbing a job!

Exam looming? How to use pressure to your advantage

// GUEST POST BY TEEN GIRL TALIA, YR 9, BRISBANE. “EXAMS. We hate that word.  Although nothing can quite beat the feeling of completing one. That little rush of adrenaline that allows you to write the final sentence and complete the final fraction. Adrenaline can be used to our advantage … and so can pressure.”

What to do when everyone around you is stressing out

// GUEST POST BY TEEN GIRL TALIA, YR 9, BRISBANE. “Stress is contagious. I think that’s probably a fact. If everyone around you is stressed, you begin to realise the things in your life that maybe you should be worrying about.”

Amy Chan Talks Dealing With Pressure

VIDEO POST: We chat to Amy Chan, PhD student in Molecular Biology, about how to tell when negative emotions are creeping in and how to deal with pressure.

When pressure turns into stress, and what to do about it

It’s a creeper in the night and a thief of sleep. It’s a wave of emotion leaving cold sweats and a pounding heartbeat in its wake. It’s the tightness in your chest and the uncontrollable shakes taking over your body.