CQUniversity Sponsors with Stephanie Rice and FUEL's Founder

Thank You CQUniversity Australia

Over the past few months, FUEL has partnered with CQUniversity Australia as exclusive sponsor to bring you our Feed The Beast Talks at Brisbane Powerhouse. They have eagerly supported our innovative way of engaging and educating young women through first-hand learning informed by real-world experience, as they too believe in the importance of providing teen girls with the skills they need to make a difference in our society and change the world!

“A program for teenage girls has been long overdue,” said Alastair Dawson, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice-President of CQUniversity Australia. “FUEL’s ongoing program will assist girls to become confident, creative, active and informed individuals.”

Left: Graham Black, Associate Vice Chancellor (South East Queensland Region) with Ky Furneaux. Right: Priscilla Stevens-Guiney, Associate Director International and Services with Stephanie Rice OAM and FUEL Founder, Tanya Meessmann.

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney, Associate Director International and Services, has been working closely with the FUEL team throughout prep and execution of the Feed The Beast Talk series saying, “Girl Shaped Flames teaches girls to be leaders and to aspire them to do something that is meaningful to their lives.”

The past few months have been a whirlwind of excitement and we can’t thank CQUniversity Australia enough for coming on board in the early stages of FUEL. Moving into the New Year, CQUniversity will be continuing their support by sponsoring a number of our All Day Events and Fireside Roundtables.

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