Ky Furneaux


Hollywood Stunt Artist


Ky’s career spans an extraordinary set of achievements.  The more public ones read like an actual Hollywood script, from splitting her time between stunt work on films such as The Avengers, Thor, and X-Men 3, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner and Jaimie Alexander, and winning a stunt-industry-equivalent Oscar for Best Female Stunt Performer in the world; to her adventures as a real-life Survival Expert (often referred to as the ‘female Bear Grylls’).


But it’s her private challenges that have her in our books as a truly Extraordinary Woman.  At the age of 19 a car accident left her with limited mobility and doctors feared she would never be able to do sports or live the active lifestyle she loved.  It was only with admirable levels of determination, persistence and tenacity that she fought forward and within a few shorts years she was climbing, rappelling, scaling high ropes, sailing, and kayaking.


Ky’s is an amazing embodiment of attributes our Girl Shaped Flames all share: courageous, resilient, adventurous, ambitious and with a fantastic down-to-earth sense of humour to boot.


$35 inc GST


Join us for an intimate chat with Ky, during which she’ll answer your burning questions about what got her through her many adventures, her ups and downs, and the secret to distinguishing between safe and deadly fruits in the wild!

Strike talks with Ky Furneaux for teenage girls in Brisbane.


$60 inc GST per workshop


Nab one of the limited spots in Ky’s workshops where she’ll work with you to apply the critical skills of survival in the wild to survival of every-day life and the achievement of goals. Learn from someone who kept her dreams big, even in the face of overwhelming odds.