Stephanie Rice OAM


Triple Olympic Gold Medalist


You probably know her as Australia’s ‘Golden Girl of the pool’, after her unforgettable performance at the Beijing Olympic Games where she won 3 Gold Medals, all in World Record time.  Stephanie’s list of achievements are unarguably world-class. Outside her sporting success, Stephanie is also the youngest winner of the TV Show, Celebrity Apprentice, worldwide.


Stephanie knew from a young age that she wanted to be an Olympian. She had a big dream and set big goals and she went for it. Throughout her sporting life she had been required to call upon skills such as persistence, focus, tenacity and learning how to manage challenges and setbacks. Now, as successful entrepreneur and business woman, Stephanie calls upon these character traits to not only progress her own goals, but to also share these insights with others so they too can be the best they can be.


We are proud to have Stephanie on board as our very first Extraordinary Woman, and are excited to connect our Girl Shaped Flames with such a driven, vivacious and grounded woman.


On 31st October we hosted an intimate chat with Stephanie, during which she shared her unique insights and how she managed the challenges she faced during her teenage years (popularity isn’t a give-in when you’re an Olympian in training!) and answered burning questions about what made her so successful, what drives her now and whether she can relax in a pool without challenging fellow swimmers to a race…

See our recap of the event here!



We can’t wait to get you in a room with Stephanie and have her take you through some self-reflective activities and goal setting practices.  What’s your ultimate dream?  What is holding you back from achieving this?  Are you feeling confused about what career you should choose?  We will be helping you answer these questions during these workshops. So if you are someone who wants a hands-on approach to creating your amazing future, make sure you express your interest below!

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