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EPISODE 11. Exam Study Expert with William Wadsworth

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We’re doing things a little differently in this week’s episode. We are absolutely still covering confidence, but from an angle that might not spring to mind straight away.

This week, I discuss with our special guest William Wadsworth, how stress, pressure and overwhelm affect the girl’s confidence.

William is a memory psychologist, an independent researcher, and a study skills coach. He helps ambitious students to study smarter, not harder, so they can ace exams with less work, less stress and especially in the case of Girl Shaped Flames, more confidence!

In today’s discussion, we go through a number of really fascinating topics:

  • Growth mindset: which is this having confidence in your ability to improve at something that you find hard at first
  • We also dive into motivation and the impact on girl’s in-class participation
  • Then we talk about memory, which is one of William’s most favourite topics – which is helping people switch to smarter ways of learning and more effective memory strategies, thus helping build their confidence. 
  • We also touch a little bit on test anxiety, which is definitely linked to under-confidence, as William will speak to in his experience.

In this episode, William shares a free Exam Success Cheat Sheet for RGSF listeners.
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About William Wadsworth

William Wadsworth is an expert in the science of studying effectively, equal parts independent researcher and evangelist for effective learning and memorisation techniques.

He is an experienced speaker, having been featured at conferences hosted by leading organisers such as ResearchED and the British Education Research Association (BERA), as well as delivering talks on learning at Cambridge University, FTSE 100 organisations, and leading schools across the UK.

He holds a First Class Hons. degree in Psychology from Cambridge University, and his research includes the largest-ever field study on student approaches to learning, surveying some 30,000 students on their learning habits, in collaboration with the world-renowned Washington Memory Lab.

William is the best-selling author of Outsmart Your Exams, and through the Exam Study Expert blog and podcast, William’s advice on how to study effectively is followed by half a million students in 150+ countries every year.

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