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EPISODE 13. Confidence and Passion with Ceara Bakes

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In today’s episode, I am thrilled to be joined by teen cake artist, the very talented Ceara from Ceara Bakes.

Ceara courageously reached out to me to be interviewed for this podcast. It wasn’t just her cake creations or karate skills, but her drive and determination blew me away from the get go.

Her passion for baking brewed in the classroom when science taught Ceara about chemical reactions along with her Grandmother’s baking influence, but it’s her self assurance and confidence that allows her to continue to grow her passion. 

In today’s discussion, we dive into a range of topics including:

  • Where her motivation comes from
  • The role her friends play when it comes to combating demotivation and overwhelm
  • Social media and managing negative commentary 
  • The confidence she draws upon and now that she has moved her hobby into a business
  • Insight into how her parents supported her journey from the beginning
  • Juggling her priorities including school work
  • Key advice for young people wanting to follow their passion

At the end of this episode I touch on what our daughter’s need from us in order to support them reaching their potential. From being their cheerleader, to knowing when to step back and give them that chance to grow. We support parents who want to develop these strategies (and many more) in our Courageous Parenting program. Click below to find out more.

About Ceara Bakes

Ceara’s passion for baking stems from her Grandmother, a professional baker from Ireland. She cooked her first cake on her own at the age of seven, and now seven years on, Ceara sells her incredible cake creations online.

In January 2020, she posted in the Mornington Peninsula community Facebook group about her idea to bake cakes and donate all proceeds to a charity during the Victorian bushfires. Her hobby quickly grew into a business that she manages alongside her school life and championship karate practice.

As a teen role model to other girls, Ceara wants girls to know that business ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, no matter their age. Her advice is to be patient, start with friends and family and:

“Trust the process and take everything as it comes.”

Click here to check out Ceara’s Instagram!

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