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EPISODE 4. Confidence + Assertiveness in Teen Girls, Katura Halleday

Assertiveness is a topic that comes up a LOT when I’m speaking with parents of girls I work with. They know their daughter has interests and passions, but when it comes to speaking up, sharing an opinion, pursuing something important to them, something often holds them back.

Some parents worry that ‘you’re either born with it, or you’re not’, and others worry that their daughter could be perceived as ‘bossy’ or unlikable if she demonstrates assertive behaviour.

Today’s episode really fleshes out both of these concerns, while covering SO MUCH MORE!

This week I had two special guests join me to flesh out the relationship between Confidence and Assertiveness: 15 year old Katura Halleday, and her mum, Kyron. Katura is one of those teenage girls you can’t help but be drawn to, with a kind, inclusive and considerate personality.  

Then you read through her list of incredible life achievements (see below) and think “Hold up, this girl knows exactly when to get assertive to get results!” In our discussion we cover the following, and LOADS more: 

  • Assertiveness boils down to a decision one makes to act

  • The importance of considering what may go *right*, instead of wrong

  • The three ‘C’s’ of Assertiveness that Katura practices, and how to apply them to any situation

  • Kyron’s insights around how to raise assertive kids, and her role in Katura’s emotional processing of rejection and failure

This week’s 9 Minutes of Neuroscience with Dr Diane Harner was a piece Di and I were particularly excited to get into, as there are a number of chemical reactions kicking off within the teen girl brain that will determine whether she ‘rides the dopamine wave’ or not. 



Diane’s put together a fantastic Assertiveness Quick Reference sheet that maps out some really fascinating statistics and aspects of happiness that are going to be great for you to reflect on after this episode.

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Now – let’s get into Confidence + Assertiveness. 


Katura Halleday, is a 15 year old humanitarian and social justice advocate, using her voice to highlight educational equality. She is passionate about two things in life, art and the education of young women in developing countries.

In 2018 she combined the two and started a social enterprise “8×8 to Educate” donating 100% of the profits to education in Developing Nations. The organisation has four main income streams: Katura as a Keynote speaker, a book that she illustrated called Rina’s Story, an annual Art Competition and personal and company Sponsorship.

She is a 5x International Stevie Awards Winner and has been a finalist across a slew of awards including: Gold Coast Citizen of the Year 2018, the Women in Business Rising Star for 2018, and 7 News Young Achiever.

She was a Guest Speaker at the Perm International Forum for Volunteers in Russia, Australian representative for Golden Rule day, is a member of the Student Advisory Board, a Mayor Ambassador and the subject of an international award winning new short film – ‘Katura’s Story’.

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