school holiday activities

A Designer Life All Day Event

62 girls, 9 Designers and creativity bursting at the seams. The recent A Designer Life All Day Event had a special energy to it: the sparks flew between the creative elite and the creative girls eyeing up their future pathways in order to follow their passion.

GSF Energy Cells Happiness Project

GUEST POST by Tahlia, Y8 @ The Gap SHS: Elderly people: some times sweet, sometimes deaf…and apparently, always amazing. A group of us (Five Grade 7-9 girls) were lucky enough to spend Term 2 this year planning an awesome event. One that would spread happiness throughout the ages (literally!).  

21st Century Scientist All Day Workshop Event

60 girls, 11 Scientists and a ridiculous amount of inspiration. The recent 21st Century Scientist event left everyone suitably exhausted but with a verified belief that girls in STEM really are changing the world.

GSF.Connect Launch Event

We were SUPER EXCITED to introduce our new GSF.Connect platform at an exciting launch event held at The Precinct in Brisbane last week, designed to connect young women from both metropolitan and regional areas with inspirational women from around the world.

CEO Series All Day Workshop Event

60 girls, 3 CEOs, 3 Founders, 7 hours of power! The CEO Series was an ENORMOUS day filled with questions and answers, interactive workshops, inspiring stories and real-world guidance. (Oh and then there was the amazing food…!)  We were so thrilled to see all of the girls make the most of their time with the Extraordinary Women there to work with them, and many went home with photos, email addresses and LinkedIn connections to call upon in the future.

2017 Recap – 13 events | 250 participants | So much Fire!!

With a happy sigh and a smile we put together the following short recap of what was on offer, and now look to 2018 with even MORE fire in our bellies!  Roundtables! All Day Workshop Series Events! Launch of our FUELme Mentoring Program! It’s all happening and it’s going to be awesome.

Science of Fitness

Hitting the ground running

On November 3rd, an eager bunch of girls participated in FUEL’s first workshop: Stress, Your Mind & Your Muscles hosted by Science of Fitness. Decked out in their fitness gear ready to dive in, the girls were introduced to workshop host, Rory, who took them by surprise with his fast facts about why the brain is the most important factor in exercise, and how it can be utilised to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

FUEL's Launch event with Stephanie Rice

Check out our launch event with Stephanie Rice!

On October 31st we kicked off our 2017 events with triple Olympic gold medalist, Stephanie Rice OAM. It was an amazing night with every audience member left buzzing and ready to chase after their own dreams.

FUEL's Founder - Tanya Meessmann

Why GSF? Why Now? Hear from Founder: Tanya Meessmann

When we try to explain where the idea to start FUEL came from, it’s hard to put into words. There was a dog park, dusk, a teen girl, gumtrees, a leadership exam coming up…you can see how that’s already confusing…